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Update Exciting Change---New USA retailer of ShinyDoll (Thaasa)

Sep 16, 2008

    1. With sadness and excitement, bjd Fantasy/Frills & Fantasy, now passes the honor of being the exclusive USA retailer for ShinyDoll Japan, to JPop Dolls. JPop Dolls will feature ShinyDoll's complete dolls and the incredible Thaasa body. My wish for Thaasa is that every bjd owner, at least once, handle and pose, the Thaasa body, to know how differently it behaves. Because I know JPop Dolls can do more for Thaasa's exposure, Shin has allowed me to pass the pleasure, of representing his beautiful ShinyDoll line, to JPop Dolls. It is with a butterfly's kiss for luck, ShinyDoll's Thaasa is sent to her new USA home. Thank you for allowing me to launch ShinyDoll's USA journey. Judy---bjd Fantasy/Frills & Fantasy