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Experience DS18M Pure Body Event

Nov 23, 2010

    1. http://dollshecraft.com/board/view.php?board_name=DREAMBOARD4&ID=17

      Dollshe "Experience DS18M Pure Body Event"

      DS18M Pure Body photos are being edited.
      Edited photos will be posted on November 24.

      Thank you so much to everyone who ordered Pure Body without a single photo, acting solely upon your faith in DollShe craft dolls. We also thank you for your patience and understanding regarding the delay in production. As many of you know, the original sculptor DollShe-ki-yong's health problems prevented him from working as quickly as he wanted. The original model is about 90% complete. The completed original model will boast a high level of delicacy and sculptural integrity. DollShe-ki-yong is hard at work, putting in the final touches. We do understand the inconvenience the long delay has caused, but we ask once again for your kind understanding. Please consider the wait a painful part of the creative process that will result in a beautiful and high-quality doll.

      *For details on placing a pre-order, please refer to the relevant announcement.

      This is what sets DS18M Pure Body apart.

      The most notable characteristic of DS18M Pure Body is the delicate rendering of muscles for a more realistic body line. A simple feature, invisible from the outside, has been added to the interior the joints to allow for more delicate mobility. You will be able to put the doll--even when it is fully clothed--into a wider array of poses. Our focus was convenience. The range of mobility will be similar to that of the older 700mm version of Hound. "Poses can be arranged in line with personality." You will be able to experience firsthand an upgraded mobility structure by DollShe craft, the first company to create multi-jointed dolls. We stayed faithful to the original joint structure while enhancing the natural contours of the body.

      *More details will be provided along with photos comparing Pure Body with the old DS18M body. We will continue posting updated photos thereafter.

      We will extend a 50% refund to customers who placed pre-orders for DS18M Pure Body through Dollstown.

      We will be refunding 50% of the purchase price (shipping not included) to customers who placed pre-orders for Pure Body through Dollstown. The refunds will be processed within the next 4-5 weeks. We will be sending each customer a personal email, and the refund will be posted to your PayPal account. We decided to do this as way to apologize for the delay and to extend a special offer to those who have not been able to enjoy any special benefits from placing a pre-order. We would like to extend our apologies once again for disappointing you with the prolonged delay. We will begin shipping to customers who placed their orders via Dollstown 2-3 weeks after the original model is complete and the doll production goes underway. Expected shipping dates will be posted later, and we will post individualized messages once your order ships.

      We will refund shipping costs to customer who took part in the Pure Body Upgrade Event through the DollShe craft official website.

      We will refund the shipping cost for sending in the chest part for the Pure Body Upgrade Event. Many of you had to temporarily part with the chest part of your beloved dolls and went through the hassle of shipping us the chest part for verification purposes. While the goal of the special event was to get as many people as possible to experience the superiority of Pure Body, the event ended up involving a very complicated ordering process and was not extended to those interested in DollShe craft dolls but do not currently own any. We have revised the terms and conditions of the special event to allow for greater and more convenient participation.

      Experience DS18M Pure Body Event

      We extend a 50% discount on orders for Pure Body made during the period specified below. The doll will ship in about 1 month after the order date. If we receive a large volume of orders and expect shipping to be delayed, we will notify you beforehand. This event is aimed at promoting DS18M Pure Body to as many people as possible. We hope it will be a great opportunity for JD fans interested in DollShe craft dolls. This is a one-time limited offer. We ask for your interest and support.


      November 24 - December 24, 2010

      Order Limit


      Order Package

      OE Head + SA Faceplate + DS18M Pure Body

      *Please select the head of your choice. Please note that you should only select one head type per order for the SA faceplate to the compatible with the OE head.



      *Shipping, original model restoration aesthe, and makeup not included. If you order aesthe and/or makeup, please allow for an extra 2-3 weeks of production time.

      Shipping schedule

      We will begin shipping on January 24 in the order by which orders are placed. Please note that those toward the end of the list will receive separate notification regarding estimated shipping dates.
    2. The order page is up:


      No pictures of the body, yet. Hopefully they'll appear in a few hours/days.

      Those preorders that were mentioned previously were either placed on the Dollstown page months ago, or placed on a separate board on the Dollshe site for the body-exchange event.