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[EXTEND] 55% Save | NDLC 3 Lady Heads + 1 Lady Body + EMS Free Shipping!&#

Mar 13, 2011

    1. [2011 NDLC 3 Lady Heads + 1 Lady Body + Free Shipping]

      We are really thankful for your support.

      Every day we receive sale requests mails for NDLC Lady by our customers.

      So as per many your request,

      We are reselling beautiful NDLC Ladies at cut rates for a period of years.

      Morever We're offering a fabulous 3 free head with each doll you buy and free shipping.

      Thank you so much.



      If you buy the doll in Feb 15, 2011. ~ Feb 28, 2011.

      1. Your wish 3 NDLC Lady Blank Heads (choose any 3 heads you like)

      : Aemaeth, Aletheia, Belladonna, Ligaya, Argeia

      2. Set up completed 1 NDLC Lady Body

      3. Extra 3.5mm String (2m)

      4. Magic clean sponge

      5. Default pink box

      6. 2 White blankets

      7. Notdoll Lab Creation Certificate

      8. Free EMS Shipping (EMS Premium service will be add an additional charge. Italy, Puerto Rico etc.)

      You save total $485.00 in this chance ($875.00 -> $390.00)

      Type | NDLC Lady

      Height | 57cm

      Skin | Crystal Skin Rose White (This doll has been made of the best quality resin)

      Eyeball size | 18~20mm

      Wig size | 8~9 inck

      Manufacturer | Notdoll Lab

      Sculpture | BR. J

      For the most delicate one.
      Pure blood and beautiful heart.
      Notdoll Lab Creation_

      Sincerely, Notdoll Lab Creation - http://notdolllab.com