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eye and wig size for nari pon

Oct 6, 2006

    1. hello
      i buy a nari pon daisy...now i need to know if the 8mm eyees from dollfie plus and the wigs from dollfie plus will fit?
      pleeeease help me;-)
      and where can i buy smaler wigs and eyes for her?
    2. bjdollarama.com has 3-inch wigs for nari-pons, under "Konji". They also sell eyes. 8mm eyes are too big--try 5mm. If you cannot find any, please let me know, as I have 5mm eyes in certain colors that I can sell to you.
      Tambra from Oregon, USA
    3. thank you very mutch!!!!
      i order pink eyes and a wig;-)
      as soon as i have her i will post pics;-)
    4. ohhh how sweet;-)
      i hope i will have my little daisy soon