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eye chart?

Oct 7, 2008

    1. i would really like it if someone could give me a 1/4 eye chart or tell me so i can make one.
      now i think a 43cm bobobie sprite takes 16mm or 20mm, im not really sure. also is it possible to put angel of dream eyes into a bobobie?:sweat
    2. 14mm (for an older look) or 16mm (younger look) in Sprites... I think 20mm would be WAY too big. Mine's in 16mm currently and looks about how I want him to look.

      And if they're the right size, they should work fine. I'm not sure what brand of eyes I have in my Sprite currently, but they're a little bit smaller than the acrylic AoD eyes I have in one of those (had all of them out recently, and the Sprite eyes were visibly a bit smaller). They're roughly the same size, though, as the glass AoD eyes I have from the other doll.
    3. 20mm eyes are for the giant eyes of the bigger Volks SDs. Most minis are going to take 14mm or 16mm (some even take 12mm, I've got one that does).

      Eye brand doesn't ever matter in the way you're thinking it might.
    4. Eye brand doesn't matter, it's the size (and colour for me) that really matters with eyes.

      Kid Delfs take 16mm and 14mm and MDDs take 22mm and 20mm.

      Maybe we should make a scheme or something...
    5. Actually, brand of doll eyes can make a different in exact size, like how glass eyes tend to be larger than acrylics. Unfortunately an eye-size-chart would have to include every headmold of every manufacturer in the mini size range, as different sculpts take different eyes. As well, the variations in owner preference (usually 2 or 3 sizes will technically fit), type of dome, brand and material.
      I have minis that wear eyes in ranges from 10mm-18mm.
    6. As others have said, it depends on your tastes. But trust me, 20mm would look really odd, shocked really. Those are generally meant for SDs. Best thing I find is to ask to borrow different sizes at doll meets if you can. (Thankfully there is a BJD doll store only an hour away) OR some regualar doll stores have "free eyes" in the sense that they aren't in a doll head all ready. (They aren't free, you have to pay for them :lol: ) But some reborns will take 16~20mm, depending on their size, so you can always try regular doll stores. My girl came with 14mm but she now wears 16mm, not because I perfer the look one way or another, just because I liked the color of the 16's. Honestly I didn't see much difference.

      If you like I can show a pic of her with the 14s then the 16s. I also have a friend who own's a Bobobie sprite, I'll ask for her opinion. (or just direct her here)
    7. She said her girl has 16's :)