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Eye Glasses...where to buy??

Jun 4, 2008

    1. I'm getting a Dollzone BB and want to get glasses for her little head. Does anyone know where to buy them?
    2. I've no idea I'm afraid, but a little bit of craft wire does wonders until you find some real glasses for your tiny.
    3. If dollzone BB have the same wig size of unoas you may search around for unoa glasses. There are two types of unoa glasses. Maybe also some msd glasses should fit? But I'm not sure.
    4. Bumping this thread - has anyone been successful in finding glasses for their little ones? (I'm personally looking for Yo size, but I'd be curious to hear about glasses for any of the tinies!)
    5. I found glasses made for Crissy on ebay, they fit great. See pix in last post in DZBB thread.
    6. Those are great! Unfortunately, for the tiny tinies, they're probably too big still. I would love some for my Elfdoll tinies or Banji, but that's still too big :) Heck, I think something that would fit a puki would still be too big, LOL.

      I've seen wire glasses, but frankly, I could make those too, I think (then again it may not be as easy as it looks?)
    7. For those lil ones, I'd try Barbie or Tiny Betsy McCall
    8. Wow this site has so beautiful glass things! but oh so expensive. i know totally OT but i had to mention... i wish they were human size :aheartbea
    9. I saw some for Ginny on eBay earlier this week. They were tiny cat's eyes frames in varied colors for under $10.00. I have a pair for my Tiny Betsy McCall doll that fit Erin Bobobie. I wish the lenses were clear on them, but something clouded up the bottom of one of them. Boo hiss! Hope that helps, I love how Trinket looks in Betsy's and now I'm on the lookout for a nicer pair. I'll post if I find any. Margikins
    10. I hope this is ok, I just wanna bump this for more glasses and pics of them! :)
    11. Bump! I really wanna find some specs for my tiny! Especially those around the Yo-sd size!
    12. try kotobukiya glasses - I use them for PF, puki and I think they fit banji too (depending from the model, some are smaller)

      Every sheet comes with 2 different glasses, each one has 2 measurements. And you can fold them as you want.

      only one type in stock here unfortunately :(
    13. Keladry: Thank you so much!!!! <3333 The link helped a lot! *huuuugs* Am so buying one from there!
    14. My Banji wears Rement glasses from a hamburger set.