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Eye Preferences

Nov 20, 2017

  1. One set per doll

    88 vote(s)
  2. 2+ sets per doll

    33 vote(s)
  3. Shared eyes between some dolls

    13 vote(s)
  4. Shared eyes between all dolls

    26 vote(s)
  5. Other

    8 vote(s)
    1. What do you look for when ordering eyes? Do you prefer:
      Glass, acrylic, silicon, etc?
      Realistic, anime, glittery, steampunk, etc.?
      High or low dome?
      One set per doll, a couple of sets per doll, a pile of eyes shared between dolls?

      Most of my characters are fantasy characters with a human form and a fantasy form so they'll have two sets of eyes; one realistic set and one specific to the type of fantasy character they are (glittery for a celestial character, black sclera for a demon, etc). I personally don't have a preference for the material they're made of.
    2. I don't have a preference for glass, acrylic or silicon. I usually choose the eyes according to their look.
      I prefer realistic eyes for my dolls, they seem more alive with this kind of eyes. However maybe I will try some glittery/ shiny eyes for a doll I received last month :3nodding:
      I prefer low dome, I don't have a real explaination for it but I just do :sweat
      And finally, I only have one set per doll ^^
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    3. I have a massive preference for urethanes, specifically dollbakery’s eyes. Most of my characters only get one pair, unless their eye colour changes midseries (which is 4 of my characters)
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    4. I haven’t set my heart on a particular set of eyes yet. I ended up ordering a grab bag of eyes because I wanted to see some different looks, but I didn’t want to order anything in specific.
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    5. When I started in the hobby I had several kinds of eyes for one doll and I would change them as the mood struck me. Nowadays, I usually have one set of eyes per doll...but I have a collection of extra eyes that I'll sometimes swap into someone if I want a new look. ^__^

      As for the eyes themselves I prefer glass or urethane. Some dolls fit low dome eyes much better, but if I can fit it in the eye well I prefer to have a bit of dome. I think that gives them a lively shift and deepness to their gaze.
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    6. I try to have one set per doll, but I usually end up changing them over time. I either find something that fits the character better, or I decide I've bonded with the doll enough that I'm comfortable spending more on them. Most of my dolls start out with eyes in the $10-15 range, then get upgraded later if the doll becomes a favorite. I also have an eye box for all the unused eyes, either because they didn't look right in the doll, I sold the doll or they were free gifts, so sometimes when I get a new doll, I don't need to buy new eyes at all.

      I usually start a doll with glass or lower end silicone eyes, then upgrade to better silicone. I like silicone eyes a lot, and nicer glass eyes too. I have one pair of urethane, which are gorgeous, but I usually don't feel the need to spend that much on eyes. I'd rather put it into wigs or clothes.
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    7. I prefer glass and resin eyes with high dome, because they look great even under dim lighting. As each of my doll doesn't have a fixed character, they share the eyes and I change their eyes quite often.
    8. I mostly keep just one pair of eyes for each doll. My pukifee Tori is the exception with four different pairs from eyeco but then she's also the one who's most likely to wear different wigs of all styles and colors. Otherwise everyone gets one set unless I end up upgrading later to better looking/fitting eyes. My dolls are all pretty set in their looks so eyes and wigs don't change much.
    9. My dolls go through a progression of eyes until I find a pair that clicks and that pair becomes permanent. The rest of the eyes stay in the pool for the next doll to come along.

      I prefer urethane, glass, and silicone eyes. High dome eyes are gorgeous in dolls with wide open eyes. Low dome eyes fit better in the narrow-eyed or dreaming heads. Low dome soft glass/silicone masterpiece eyes work best in the dreaming heads I have right now. That squishiness conforms to the eye wells better without gaps.

      Eyes are pretty fabulous though. I find it hard to let eyes go once I have them.
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    10. One set per doll, but for some dolls, I did have to go through a few before figuring out what worked for them. Yes, that was annoying--you really cannot tell for sure from internet pictures if a pair of eyes will work for a particular doll. Urethane eyes are my favorite, as it catches the light best for photographs, but several of my dolls have glass eyes that look wonderful.
    11. I have very high standards for eyes. After trying different types and materials I now only buy urethane eyes with realistic irises. Yes, they are expensive and hard to get, but it’s worth the trouble. I don’t think I’ll ever buy glass or silicone again after trying urethane.

      Most of my dolls have one pair, but some end up with floating interchangeable eyes. It usually happens when I’m not fully satisfied with the pair they’re already wearing and buy a new one with the previous being passed on to another doll. I also have a few spare pairs, which is useful when a new doll arrives and I need to figure out what suits her best in regard to size, lens, etc.
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    12. I only buy glass eyes. I like the look of them best, and feel they are higher quality somehow. Each of my dolls have at least two sets of eyes to go between. They are different sizes so they can't always share. I prefer fantasy style eyes, as in solid black eyes, red eyes, multiple coloured eyes, etc. No glitter or sticker kind of stuff in them though, can't handle that.
    13. Where did you buy your grab bag from? I'm interested in something like that, too.
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    14. What do you look for when ordering eyes? Do you prefer:
      Glass, acrylic, silicon, etc?

      I own acrylics, glass, and handmade resin eyes. I have a special fondness for the resin eyes due to their depth, but they also tend to follow me like mad.

      Realistic, anime, glittery, steampunk, etc.?
      Depends on the character. One of my boys is human so I prefer realistic eyes for him, while the other four are mixed bags. I've used glitter, glow-in-the-dark, no-pupil, and steampunk eyes on all of them. Since I want to try my hand at dolly cosplay some anime eyes may be in the wings for my two bigger girls.

      High or low dome?
      Most of the eyes I own are high dome, but I can't say that I prefer one over the other. They both look nice in my dolls' sockets.

      One set per doll, a couple of sets per doll, a pile of eyes shared between dolls?
      Again, that depends on the character. My human boy Johnny has one pair of eyes (default glass eyes in a lovely steel shade), and they've never been changed or removed. Chloe, my sole YoSD, can't share eyes around because her sockets are too small (she takes 12mm eyes, versus the 16 and 18mm eyes worn by the MSD troop). My two MSD girls Johanna and Guinevere were supposed to wear eyes that changed to match their surroundings (they're elves), but here lately I've been enamored with matching pairs of golden eyes for them. As for Alistair, he has no set look so he gets whatever Guinevere and Johanna aren't wearing. He's not picky.
    15. I prefer glass eyes over silicon ones, acrylic eyes are fine too. Also I love realistic eyes but tend to buy anime eyes with some glittery for my non-human girl, Uni. She is my first bjd and even though I've got her like 4 pairs of eyes already, I'm still on the search for a more perfect pairs of eyes.
    16. What do you look for when ordering eyes? Do you prefer:
      Glass, acrylic, silicon, etc?

      I have several different eyes but I think I've settle on urethane for most of my dolls. They're just so shiny! And the brand I use seems to be the perfect size for my dolls.

      Realistic, anime, glittery, steampunk, etc.?

      I really prefer just the color without lines and such. Powder glitter can be ok as long as it's not overwhelming.

      High or low dome?

      Mine tend to be low dome because the majority of my dolls are so small in the first place.

      One set per doll, a couple of sets per doll, a pile of eyes shared between dolls?

      Technically, they have a pile to choose from, but once I find a pair I like, I don't switch them around much.
    17. What do you look for when ordering eyes? Do you prefer:
      Glass, acrylic, silicon, etc?

      I have used glass and acrylic, and urethane. I do tend to lean towards urethane, but if the eye has the look I am after, I am not picky about the material.

      Realistic, anime, glittery, steampunk, etc.?

      I tend to prefer natural threading (not the too symmetrical spirograph looking threading that some glass eyes have). I do enjoy glittery eyes for some of my more fantasy style dolls.

      High or low dome?

      Low dome. High dome eyes do not fit well into some sculpts and even if they fit, it tends to limit what positions you put them in.

      One set per doll, a couple of sets per doll, a pile of eyes shared between dolls?

      Once find the right pair of eyes for a doll, it is pretty rare for them to ever change.
    18. Well I'm all over the place in my preferences! I use eyes from all different materials, and they range in style from Volks animetics to hyper realistic silicone, though I do have a preference for Kemper's glass flatbacks unless I'm going for an unusual look or color. However, once I find a pair of eyes I like for a doll, they rarely ever change.
    19. Currently, I have mostly acrylic eyes. I'm waiting on my eyeball molds to come in so I can start making a bunch of resin eyes, too!

      All of my dolls have at least three pairs of eyes, because I have some sort of eyeball making addiction apparently. It's a quick and easy way to spice up a doll whose look you've grown used to. None of my dolls have characters attached to them, though, so it might not be that easy for anyone whose dolls do have characters.

      I absolutely adore glittery eyes. I love a nice, realistic looking set of eyes, too, but for my own collection, I prefer all of the sparkles, glitter, charms, etc. you can fit into a tiny eye.