Eye size for Bambicrony kumi?

Jan 27, 2007

    1. Hi guys!

      I just put in my kumi's eyes last night, and they are WAY too big! I barely see any white at all, and they are 14mm eyes. What size of eyes do you guys use? Would 12mm would ok? I like white showing on my dolls eyes.
    2. I use the 14 mm but I've been making 2mm less shift on most of my dolls to get more eye white.

      I find the glass eyes fit better when using smaller than the recommended eyes. The acrylics leave gaps.

      If you use acrylic then use white or pink putty to set the eyes and generally won't see a gap. Though the bambicony girls have smaller eye sockets than most so it should be good.
    3. I have to admit , I have Charity , I use 12mm Eyecandies , they are a perfect size for her
    4. I posted on Bambicrony's Q & A board and got this reply:
      The 14mm or 16mm eyeballs are suitable for Elf Kumi.
    5. I thought 14mm was a bit too big also. I have some size 13mm eyeco's on the way that I was hoping would be a better fit...I'll let you know how they are when they arrive.
    6. ok, i can barely see any white, it really bothers me, since she's gonna be like around 10 or 11, not very young. i guess i'll try 12 or 13 mm and see how it goes. gotta sell my 14mm first. :)
    7. Does anyone have pics of kumi in 12mm glass eyes? or any kind, doesn't matter! I just want to make sure there's no gaps or anything, can anyone tell me please? thanks!
    8. yes I do! 12mm green glass eyes. She looks soooo much better, she fits in better with my msd sized dolls now.


      looking very closely and turning her upside down, there is a slight 'gap' on the above inside corners of each eye - (I have this problem with a unoa socket even) I have already decided to get soft glass eyes anyways, it seems those would be the way to go for a perfect fit. So 13mm.
    9. thanks so much! they look way better! :)
    10. It probably depends on the brand of eyes, because I put 14mm glass Souldoll eyes in mine and they look perfect ... plenty of white around the iris. Just lovely.
    11. well, i bought some 12mm glastic eyes, hopefully they'll fit, if not then i'll try something else. :)
    12. I bought some 12mm glass from Gina but I'm not fond of how they sit in his eyewell. The size is perfect though. Right now Gaz has 14mm oval flatbacks in as a test and they're ok. I'm looking forward to someone posting pix of the 13mm eyecos.

      original 14mm glass

      12mm glass

      14mm oval flatback
    13. ohh, i love the 12mm! the character is a 11-12 year old girl, with lots of spunk, so she can't look all innocent all the time, lol.
    14. I have Elf Roko. She also came with 14mm eyes and I thought there wasn't enough white showing. I had some 12mm from another doll and right now, that's what she's wearing.
      PS I also thought the original (brown) eyes were too dark for her.
    15. ahh, well, Rukia is going to have blue eyes or green, not quite sure yet. :) Thanks for input you guys! :)
    16. My eyes arrived~! Here's Roko in size 13 mm from eyeco...I think I like this better than the 14 mm. Just a touch smaller, but enough to make a difference.
      (P.S. Her eye color is carmel.)

    17. ohhh, so nice! I bought 13mm eyeco soft glass blue eyes from someone here! glad to know what they look like in a doll! thanks!:)
    18. You're welcome! I think you'll be happy with the size 13's... Would love to see a pic of Kumi wearing your blue eyes when they arrive!
    19. I can't wait for her to be finished! Sera said two weeks, and she got there last thursday i believe, but i didn't pay until friday, so i'll start bugging her next friday, lol! I'll make sure to take pics! :) I love that color too! BTW, where did you get that wig?