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eye size for Bobobie Nissa

Jun 22, 2008

    1. (I did a search and found nothing, if this is answered before, please redirect me and close this thread.)

      Does any of you know what the eye size is for a Bobobie Nissa? I'd like to order her from JunkySpot, but I want to know her eye size so I can buy some eyes for her. Can anybody help me?

      Thanks in advance! :D
    2. I think they are 8mm and 10mm. I'm not completely sure though... I just placed an order fro a Nissa and bought 10 mm so hopefully it's ok..
    3. Ok, thank you!

      Someone else who is entirely sure?
    4. Well...assuming that they take the same sizes as other Bobobie tinies, and I can't see any reason they wouldn't, then yes, they do take 8 or 10 mm. I have 8mm in my Bobobie boy (a Sunny) and I'm almost positive that someone who was at one of the meets I've been to recently said she had 10mm in her Nissa. So yeah, those two sizes should be perfect for one.
    5. My nissa has in 8mm, and they seem to fit fine, he also came with yellow default which i believe are 10mm.