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Eye Size for Bobobie Tinies?

Feb 11, 2010

    1. Sorry if this doesn't belong here or if it's already been asked. I did a lot of searching and came up with nothing.

      Does anyone know what size eyes Bobobie 15 cm tinies take?

    2. My Elfkin has 8mm eyes in right now. I like how they look and will likely use 8mm with most of my future planned BBB and RS 15cm tinies. Here's a pic of him, with default BBB 8mm eyes, and another with the red 8mm eyes I bought for him when I bought him.



      On a side note...the eyes that come in the Liv World dolls fit the 15cm tinies perfectly (I now have a brown pair) while the clothes and wigs fit the 27cm tinies from BBB and RS. So if you or someone you know has one of the girls in that size range and likes the Liv wigs and/or clothes you can go in together for the $20 for one of those dolls to steal it's clothes, wig, and cut out it's eyes. ^-^
    3. Thank you so much ^_^
    4. ROFL i'm glad i'm not the only one that gutted out m liv doll for everything, their shoes also fit a BBB tiny as well!
    5. *laughs* Yeah...though I feel sorry for my poor Liv girl. I still haven't thrown her out...and think I'll keep her...glue the back of her head back in place, wrap some cloth around her to dress her, and keep extra eyes in her. She looks really pretty with the detailed BBB blue eyes in. Though now I have to fiddle with the shoes that she has, and that came with the outfits! didn't think they'd fit any of my resin kids!
    6. I had a variety of 8mm acrylic eyes in Sweet, an Elfkin, and then stuck these 10mm glass eyes in just to see how they looked. I love them! I normally prefer smaller eyes but in this case, I really like the 10mm.