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eye spy Piposs Namoo!

Feb 4, 2009

    1. http://piposland.com/shop/step1.php?number=730

      I was pondering ...on the new Pipoos Kitty and just took a peek at the new bunny
      ...there was a curious size tiny ..that I havet seen before ....and a Namoo

      Im hopeing more than anything ..could this mean they are comming back
      Dunno ..but Im gonna ASK!
    2. Oh it must be!! I did ask the English Rep and she said he'd be re-released this month, and since this was a couple of months ago that I asked I was just waiting to see. Oh, I'm soo excited! I can't wait to actually have a Namoo at last:D
    3. I was going to order the cat ...but held off ..I am so exited ...I do like the look of the other tiny too ..that looks the same size as the animals ...interesting :D
    4. aww, the one that is supposed to be the doormouse looks like a must have!

      I hope they space the releases a little bit, too many tinies! and I can't say no :sweat
    5. I asked too :) yay! so much cuteness!!

      "The little tinies in the picutures are pipos dolls ^^;; which are going to release in this year..
      We\'re now working on those babies..

      Thank you very much!

    6. Ok this is me ...doing a tentative happy dance

      I asked a year ago for Namoo and they said he was comming back ..but this time it looks as though he may

      saveing saving LOL
    7. yesssssssssssssssssss namoo he is so cute, first time I saw him was a picture of you tinybear. I love his smaller eyes and of course the size:D
      I do love the chesire cat with the cute smile not the mad looking
    8. Can I see pictures of their old Namoo? I tried searching Flickr, but couldn't find him. :)
    9. Which one is Namoo? (I see two, haha, and my memory is not working)
    10. Namoo is the tiny one ..there arnt many around at all
      you know I cant even find a picture of him :(
      I sude to have several ...but I think I lost them when my PC crashed
    11. Haha, I didn't even notice he was there! I was too busy looking at the other tiny I hope they will release soon <3

      Crossing my fingers for a Namoo rerelease too!
    12. Oh TB, Wilkies et al, I think I want! I know you'll keep us informed (thanks!) :)
    13. Wow, he is something special. I hope they release him again! :)
    14. He is amazing ...I sold my fullset , so I could get the normal boy ...and they stopped doing them ..so I have been waiting ever since ...I shoulnt have sold him , Ive been kicking myself ever since
      they did for a time have him in a 2 part torso ...that was nice too ...but I am hopeing for the orriginal 3 part torso
    15. I am also hoping when he returns he'll have that amazing three part torso:D What a brilliant little boy, I have wanted one since I became obsessed with bjds:XD:
    16. Finally some updates at the pipos website with some new dolls. They look tiny next to the cheshire.

      Oh and Alice looks like a mini Beryl with that frown.
      But yeah I went back to look what namoo looks like and don't think it's him. Still a cute tiny.
    17. but No Namoo :(
      unless Im missing him
      the new small ones are nice ..but not what I wanted

      I suppose its A good thing ..Im broke LOL