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eyelashes for tinies

Nov 20, 2009

    1. How to choose and where to find the tini eyelash for the doll?
      There are a lot for SD/MSD size. But with 6-8-10 mm size eyes they dodn't work.
      Please, need help!
    2. I have bought eyelashes that come with an upper and lower lash- the lower lashes are pretty small and look good- I have used these. I think leekeworld has some and mimiwoo on ebay
    3. Don't laugh but when I first got my multihead there were no eyes................. of course.
      While waiting there were some of those old 50's dress me dolls with lousy hair and no clothes. Their eyes are "sleeping" meaning they can rock back and appear to sleep.
      Popped those puppies out and using the silicone plugs put them in the multihead.
      Nice bonus is the hard plastic dark eyelashes and they did have some color and spark to them.

      Almost like them better.
      (took them out awhile back)

    4. I've also heard of people buying the individual lashes that you can get at beauty supply stores and just applying them one at a time and cutting them down to a proper length.
    5. Rosenlied sells lashes for their Tinies. And I personally buy human lashes and cut them to size.
    6. I buy bottom lashes from Miniworld or the set that includes top and bottom lashes. I use the big ones for my big dolls and the tiny bottom lashes for the tinies. They're very cheap and in the US. http://www.miniworlddolls.com/Lashes.htm
    7. I decided to try mimiwoo on e-bay at first. ^__^

      And thank you very much to all for replies!!! :aheartbea