Eyelashes on sleeping/dreaming eyes

May 15, 2018

    1. So I'm looking at my dreaming rogebell and the more I look at her the more I'm not a fan of the eye lash on her cause it makes her eyes darker than usual and I'm just not a fan of the red eyelash >.< I know very few people who don't put eyelash in dreaming/sleeping sculpts like andreja did for her lillycat chibbi moon. I'm most likely going to take them out later xD
      Edit: I'm also not a fan when eyelashes on sleeping sculpts are positioned off hahah

      So what about you guys? Do you prefer eyelashes in sleeping/dreaming eyes? And do you like colored eyelashes? I know white eyelashes seem pretty popular in the community, but I've never seen other colored eyelashes.
    2. I really like eyelashes on sleeping sculpts, it just makes them look so delicate and pretty ;3; I really love Xagadoll Sara, she has eyelashes and it looks really nice to me. I suppose it might depend on the sculpt! I kind of wish you had linked a photo of your Rogebell because I wanna see what the eyelashes are like now, lol.
    3. I love eyelashes on sleeping sculpts. ^-^ I agree with how Rapps described the effect it creates - 'delicate and pretty'. I can't imagine my Sweet Dream Anne (pic) without her little lashes~
    4. I'm a fan of both! Generally speaking, a lack of eyelashes starts to bother me after awhile. It's like their face seems unfinished somehow but I can't quite figure out why... :lol:

      I have blue eyelashes in my RS Fei, Chamomile, and it's one of my favorite parts of her faceup!


      However, if the red ones in your Rogebell are bothering you, maybe you'd be happier with a more natural color like brown or blond?
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    5. I've never thought about eyelashes on sleeping doll before... But the dolls I do have that, for whatever reason, don't have eyelashes do feel unfinished to me. I would put them on but I'm afraid I'd mess something up and wouldn't be able to fix it :(
    6. I’m extremely in love with eyelashes on sleeping head!
      I’m actually looking for a right sleeping sculpt just for the sake of putting a face up with long, elegant eyelashes on her.
      But I’d prefer her to be a fantasy doll with a really light colour eyelashes, possibly gray or white :3nodding:
      I agree with you how the eyelashes may make your doll look kind of darker. Unless the lashes’ colour isn’t light I don’t think I’ll like them very much either.
    7. I mostly own sleeping bjds and to me, it depends. Sometimes, when I aim at the 'natural" look, I avoid lashes. When I need to doll to look "dolly", however, I glue in some gorgeous, long lashes ;)
    8. I've seen some eyelashes, and it really depends. When done right for the sculpt, they make it better, but when done wrong, they butcher the whole image. I'm always for lashes, on any sculpt, but I know that it will take several tries to find the right ones, and it will be even harder for a sleeping sculpt, where the lashes are more prominent.

      So remove yours if you don't like them, but don't give up completely. There's surely a beautiful option for your doll.
    9. I love eyelashes, so I put them on all the dolls I can. Even my completely closed eyed Fairyland ChicLine SP Rou face-plate has them and his face is smaller than the length of my thumb!
      I guess the only exception is my SoulDoll Bebe Aku, simply because I don't want to ruin his factory face up, but the dolls I paint myself all get lashes if they have sculpted eyes.
      I would love to put them on (OT) dolls of smaller scale as well, but lashes are a pain in the gut (for me) to trim neatly/realistically, so I have kept myself from doing so. Otherwise all my dolls would wear eyelashes.
      I like my doll's to have eyelashes that match their hair color, so I do enjoy colored lashes. The only exception is when the character has lashes that are not meant to match their hair, like FFVII Sephiroth, who has silver hair but has super dense black eyelashes.
    10. All of my dolls have eyelashes, except my AoD Chen because he looks really weird with them (heavily lidded open eyes--eyelashes make him look like Snuffleupagus.), and my pet dolls. They feel unfinished to me if they don't. On a sleeping head, it depends. If the sleeping eyes are still a tiny bit open, like barely a slit, I'll do eyelashes. If it's completely sealed shut, then I won't because there's not really anywhere to stick them and I think it might look strange if the glue and strip are visible. I would just paint them on.
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    11. I really really like eyelashes on sleeping faces because it makes them seem even softer and cuter to me, especially with white lashes. I love all colors of eyelashes and I wish I could figure out where to buy them from because mostly I can only find black and brown :...(