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Eyes that follow you?

Sep 17, 2010

    1. I remember that I heard or read some were that there were bjd eyes that looked like they followed you. It sounds interesting! :) So I just wanted to know if that was true or a lie.
      Oh, and also, would you know were I can get them?
    2. I've seen a video of these on youtube, so i know they exist! haha
    3. I've had Volks Zoukei-Mura eyes that I got with my FCS MSD and I can promise you they do follow, it's really adorable but can be annoying sometimes too. :| Like when you want to get their headshot at an angle WITHOUT the eyes glancing to the side, it's impossible to do with following eyes. Also, Dollflower and Enchanted Doll eyes follow and there are some others which do too.
    4. ick i hope my dolls eyes arent like that. it would creep me out ;P
    5. Most high-dome eyes will have that "chasing effect" My two pairs of ED eyes do that :)
    6. I have a pair of Dollmore eyes in my boy Kir that follow me. And it isn't just me; I take him to work and lots of people comment on it. I attribute it primarily to the fact that the pupils of his eyes are not centered in the iris. It makes it extremely difficult to center his gaze when puting his eyes in because they never seem to be facing the same way, but when you stand back he looks right at you. If you move around, his eyes follow you left and right, up and down. I don't know if it's a design flaw or intentional, but the color is mismatched, too. It doesn't really show up in photos, but one eye is more of a blue-green and the other more of a yellow-green. Very weird.
    7. One thing I've noticed is that with just the right positioning of the eyes, almost any pair will follow you around.
    8. Zoukei Mura eye follows really well....But they are so expensive....!! I wish i can get my hands on them..
    9. That's really kinda creepy. XD I have enough problems droppin my pants in the bathroom with paintings that follow you. I don't want to be followed.
    10. That's just wrong...
    11. Oh but it seems like Zoukei-Mura eyes are out of stock :'(
    12. Zoukei-Mura eyes are only available from FCS (Full-Choice System) orders or else bought second hand from users here or through splits, I'm afraid. They're normally around $70-$120 when you can find them though and they're not always the size or color you're searching for. Many of those types of higher end items are like that. I'm sure you can find some you like which aren't Zoukei-Mura eyes.
    13. And hence the people who are a afraid of dolls, and believe them to be creepy because they feel their eyes on them is finally given some merit.
    14. I haven't had that effect with ED eyes so far, but then again, maybe I just don't notice? ^^"
    15. I was thinking that having such eyes would be fun to have, but if what you say is true, they'd really annoy me when it's time to take pics. I suppose I could simply change out the eyes for picture time, but, eh. I'll likely forget and always be annoyed to the point where I just take them out and keep the normal ones in. Sigh. Well, it was a nice idea, anyhoo. Thanks for the warning for those planning photostories!
    16. I actually had that same problem for the longest time! I couldn't use the bathroom if there were pics or paintings of people, as they looked like they were watching you go, and I'm really prim when it comes to my bathroom privacy. I mean, it's a pretty personal moment, you know?
    17. My doll's eyes follow me well enough to creep me out, even if they aren't the best quality. I'd be a little bothered by them tracking me any more than that simply because my currently only completely built doll looks so angry all the time. Despite knowing he's just a thing, I don't like it when things stare at me.

      I'm gonna have to jump in with those who don't like to use the restroom when there's pictures of people "watching." On occasion I would visit my mother at her old secretary job, and in the ladies restroom there was a poster of the "Thunder From Down Under" guys hanging on the door inside, all of the men seemed to stare at the toilet area! :?. In order to use the facilities, I would have to cover their faces with a strip of toilet paper. It was just too weird.
    18. Well, it doesn't bothers me if it just "look" that way. Like if, a person A were to stand to the right and B were to stand on the left, A & B would say that, it would look at both of them. That's what I found out when my cousin told me and my aunt. (My aunt freaked out too much.) Freaked me out at first, my grandpa took a close look and explain that its caused by the shape or something. (x_x)

      BUT, if the eyes do *follow* as in really move like a real one would, I would be terrified!