Sales Promotion Fëadoll discounted price on Sëane and Mimü

Jan 18, 2021

    1. :goldstar* Hello dear ! *:goldstar

      Sëane & Mimü
      20th January to 16th February,
      Prices founded on the little Sëane and Mimü!
      Promotions start at 7 à.m. (french time)

      10% on Mimü line
      30/25% on Sëane line

      * Payment facility
      I accept payments up to 2,3 or 4 installments free of charge. I hope that this will help you acquire one of my dolls.
      You can check the conditions on the shop


      Thank you for your support

      Fëadoll Soldes 2021
      by ASweetFairytale - Fëadoll, sur Flickr​
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