Preorder [Fëadoll] Mimü Mouse Preorder May 18th till 8th June

May 10, 2017

    1. :goldstar* Hello dear ! *:goldstar

      It is with pleasure that I announce you the opening of Mimü mouse's preorder from May 18th till June 8th

      For this sale, I offer 3 face-up to the first ones who will validate the promotional code " MimüSouris "
      This offer is submitted on condition: order Mimü Souris with the option Face-up 45€.
      And for the first 5 orders, the small spirit stone magnetized will be also offered.

      * 255 € *
      Grey skin and Pink skin.
      Two other colors will be added after poll on May 15th
      Possibility of paying in 2 or 3 steps




      *Measurement *

      Mensurations Mimu
      by ASweetFairytale - Fëadoll, sur Flickr

      Fëadoll Shop : Fëadoll

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    2. Hello my dear !

      The beginning of Mimü mouse's presales on Thursday, May 18th at 8 o'clock in the morning French time ^^

      **** Event ****

      Face-up :
      One face-up is offered to the first three orders crossed thanks to the code "MimüSouris" to validate him in your basket, you have to choose the option face-up in 45 euros available with the option of payment by installments.

      Option part :
      An option leaves is offered to the past first five orders. A little spirit stone magnetized


      I wich you a good day !

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