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F-doll MSD?

Aug 16, 2007

    1. I was looking on the f-doll site and it has listed MSD section but nothing in it. Are they going to release MSDs in the near future? Anybody know?
    2. What is the website address?

      -- A :)
    3. This I imagine


      They put a Minis section there when they made the site so I imagine they expect to have minis some time.

    4. I sure hope so! :D They have nice bodies!! and pretty molds
    5. Ok, well, I guess fdoll finally is releasing their MSD size line now. I am seriously considering ordering Dane on a female body if they will do it. She will be ordered in the light tan resin to be an Egyptian princess/queen character I have in mind.
    6. Eeek! My tan skinned Dane on girl body has been shipped! I can't wait to see her! They got her ready super fast too since I am the first one to order one of the MSD dolls. My order was on 7/25 and I got the shipping notice on 8/5!