Fabric Friends & Dolls Company Review

Sep 24, 2011

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      * What did you order?
      * When did you order?
      * How was the communication?
      * How easy was it to pay?
      * How long did it take to ship?
      * Were there any missing or broken items in your order?
      * If there were any problems with your order, how did the company handle them?
      * Would you order from this company again?


      I could not find a review thread for Fabric Friends & Dolls, so I am starting one.
      I have had two excellent experiences with them. In both instances, I ordered Dollheart items. They had the limited edition items in stock, shipped lightening fast and kept great communication.
      The website is currently a little tough to navigate, and they have two sites, one is a catalog of products, the other is a shopping site. Both sites are set up differently, and it can be confusing when you switch from one to the other. The "bjd" tab on the catalog site only lists one brand of bjd items, but they carry Dollheart, Ruby Red and are the US retailer for Dollmore. They cannot list Dollmore items on their site due to contractual obligations, but you can order anything from Dollmore through them, and they offer layaway on DM dolls. You have to call them to find out what they have in stock from Dollmore, but they take the time to listen to what you want and are willing to work with you based on your needs.
      I give them top marks for customer service and will certainly be ordering more from them in the future!
    2. I also had a great experience ordering from Fabric Friends and Dolls! My fukubukuro order shipped out super-fast, and they even refunded me about $20 from my shipping cost, which dropped it down to maybe $6 from the states to Canada. They also threw a couple freebies into my package, some little puzzle eraser things that are really cute. I'd totally order from them again and recommend them, just make sure you're on the right website! It was pretty frustrating until I figured out there were two completely separate sites.
    3. This feedback is for: Fabric Friends and Dolls (U.S. dealer for Dollmore)

      Date of transaction: June 2012-October 2012

      Item(s) purchased or sold: Dollmore Lusion Elf Dahlia, on layaway

      Other information:

      This transaction was pretty much negative from start to finish. Here's a timeline:

      Early June 2012: I emailed Iris, owner of FF&D, about ordering Lusion Dahlia, a doll I'd wanted for 3.5 years. Iris promised info, then failed to respond; when I followed up a day later, she scolded me to "be patient."

      June 7: Iris locked in my order with Dollmore, and afterwards requested I send payments by Paypal Personal! It is against Paypal's Terms of Service for sellers to request or accept this type of payment. Breaking Paypal's TOS in this way put my own Paypal account and funds in jeopardy, and I would never have ordered with FF&D if I'd known this type of payment was required!

      August 2: I paid off my layaway several months early. As with all my payments to FF&D, no confirmation of payment was received unless I emailed to request it.

      August 17: Others who'd ordered Elf Dahlia from FF&D were beginning to receive their dolls. I emailed Iris to ask if she had any updates on my order. Iris said she'd check with Dollmore on Monday (Aug. 20), and email me with an update.

      August 23: Iris did not email an update, as she'd promised, so I emailed again. She confirmed she'd heard from Dollmore, and gave me the info. However, this was another instance in which she'd promised to contact me, but did not follow through.

      September 15-17: No further updates from FF&D. It was truly disheartening for me to see others who'd ordered through FF&D, and who paid after I did, receiving and enjoying their Elf Dahlia. I emailed Iris yet again, to kindly ask if she'd had any updates. Iris did very politely respond to let me know my Dahlia would ship by the end of September.

      September 22: FF&D has many devoted fans, some of whom are friends with Iris. One friend posted on the Lusion Facebook Group, stating Iris told her my Elf Dahlia had arrived that day. I was VERY disturbed by this, what was supposed to be happy news, for two reasons. First, it was highly unprofessional for Iris to divulge private details of customer orders to unrelated parties and/or friends. Second, at that point, I'd received no word from Iris herself that my doll had arrived! It was not until many hours later that Iris finally messaged me.

      Iris promised to send Delivery Confirmation Numbers when the doll was shipped; she also said she'd be at a doll convention that week.

      September 24: Doll was shipped, but no Delivery Confirmation info received, so I emailed Iris. She responded, "sorry i have been busy today getting ready for convention."

      September 26: Boxes arrived (body in one; head in other). FF&D did not check my doll before sending to me! The head arrived with faceup damage, two very large chips in the lip gloss/paint:



      This damage happened while at Dollmore in Korea. If FF&D had checked my doll, as any responsible dealer should, this flaw would have been discovered before sending to me. (I've since been told by one of Iris' friends that FF&D supposedly never checks any dolls they receive, because the bubble wrap is just too much for them.)

      September 27: Iris responded, saying, "No one else has had any problems...I didn't open your doll and check it because I wanted to get it shipped before I went out of town." She also said she'd contact Dollmore to see what they could do. I was disturbed that packing for a doll convention was a higher priority for Iris than quality control.

      September 28: From Iris: "Dollmore said please send just the faceplate directly to them and they will redo it right away and then ship her back to you directly. Hope this works out well, and they fix it to your satisfaction." Iris did not provide any address for shipping to Dollmore, so I emailed her again. Iris then stated, "maybe you should should email the[m] directly," providing an email address for Jee (English-language Representative) at Dollmore. Two problems: First, I felt Iris was completely dumping me by suggesting I contact Dollmore directly (although anything was better than dealing with FF&D at that point), and second, the email address Iris provided for Jee was incorrect, and bounced back immediately! After yet another email to Iris, I was given the correct address for Jee.

      I felt my transaction with FF&D/Iris was closed at this point, as Jee at Dollmore had taken over dealing with the problem. During this time, I was also posting on the Lusion Facebook Group about how my doll had arrived with damage.

      October 2: Out of nowhere, I received a snippy email from Iris: "I heard that you were not happy with me because you felt I should have checked the doll first. Do you not remember how many emails you sent me where is your doll? I told you I was leaving for a business trip and your doll came in the day I was getting ready to leave, so in order for you not to wait any longer, I went and shipped her and didn't have time to check her. I also paid an extra $40 for an over size charge on your box, since you live far from me. I did not ask for the extra shipping from you, since we had already agreed on a price. I am sorry that you were unhappy, but I am sure many doll companies ship dolls that are not perfect and it is not my fault that she has some damage. As the Dollmore dealer I did go out of my way to make sure Dollmore is taking care of this for you. If you were so unhappy with me, I feel you should have emailed me directly instead of posting it. I feel that I give excellent customer service and I stand behind every product I sell. There is sometimes problems, but I am a small mom & pop shop and it is very stressful sometimes, but I do my best."

      Needless to say, I was shocked by this message! I was furious that Iris implied I'd emailed too often (when many of my emails would not have been necessary if she'd followed through with good customer service), that I'd inconvenienced her by making her ship on the same day she was preparing for a doll convention (I never requested that), and most of all, that she'd paid an extra $40 in shipping for my doll, which was absolutely untrue, and I have the labels on the shipping boxes to prove it! Iris charged me $75.45 for shipping, and according to the postage labels, she paid $77.25, a difference of $1.80:


      I offered to pay the additional $1.80, but she did not respond. Why she claimed she spent an extra $40 for shipping is beyond me! I was never given an answer.

      I sent Iris a lengthy, but polite, response, reiterating the problems I had with my transaction. I wrote, "I do believe the damage to my doll was caused on Dollmore's end, but your failure as a dealer to examine the product you sell resulted in a day I've waited over three and a half years for being ruined by a faulty product."

      Iris' response: "You waiting 3 1/2 years is with Dollmore not me."

      The way in which she completely missed the point of my statement pretty much sums up my entire transaction with Fabric Friends and Dolls!

      In summary, I am sorry to say that I do not recommend doing business with Fabric Friends and Dolls. Communication is spotty and, at times, rude. Payments are requested through underhanded methods. Private order details are not secure. Worst of all, products are not checked before being shipped to customers.

      I'm certain Iris is a very nice person in real life, and her loyal legion of friends and fans attests to this. I simply feel the business practices of Fabric Friends and Dolls are highly unprofessional.
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    4. I bought 2 dolls from Fabric Friends and Dolls, both from Dollmore. I bought an Alexia and Dear Doll Apple. I put both dolls on layaway. I live in Australia so there can be a time delay in communication. I asked FF&D whether I could get a dress made in Alexia size and Iris said she would check for me. I had a few queries and added a couple of things to my order. Iris always returned my emails in what I considered to be a reasonable time, but then I've never expected instant messaging from a dealer, especially when they have to converse with a company on my side of the world. Iris is great with layaway. On larger dolls such as the Lusions, Trinity she offers a 1 year layaway and with larger orders, is prepared to flex the payments so you can afford the doll. One of the reasons why she is one of the best dealers I have dealt with. She also lets her customers know when to expect their group orders from Dollmore. Obviously she doesn't order each doll individually as Dollmore would simply not allow that.

      When the dolls arrived, she let me know and sent the doll promptly. I had to wait a little extra time as a wig I wanted came with a second order, but the delay was understandable and due to my ordering it later than the original dolls. I've emailed her a few times after that with various queries and she's always been polite and very courteous to me. I would not hesitate to order from her again, she made buying a doll very easy and hassle free.
    5. I recently bought my in-stock KDF Aru from them. Everything went flawless and they had him shipped the same day. He arrived home about 3 days later.

      I wouldn't hesitate to order from them again.
    6. I have been a customer of FF&D for many years, even before I started my BJD obsession. I bought my first BJD from Iris and since then I've been a regular customer of FF&D. My first Dollmore doll I ordered thru FF&D and far exceeded my expectations. In fact, it was so quick that I had to take advantage of the layaway plan she offers, because a second full set doll I had ordered arrived at the same time.
      I've never had an issue with the quality of any dolls, clothing, shoes, or wigs bought thru FF&D. The service is always friendly and professional. A visit to her store in MD will confirm her commitment to the art of dolls and to the doll enthusiasts that are so many times portrayed negatively in American media.

      I've introduced many of my doll friends to FF&D for a couple of years now and will continue to do so.

      I'm currently waiting on my second Dollmore Kid that I just recently ordered thru FF&D.
      Thank you Iris, for all your efforts to make it fun and easy to shop for our lovely dollies. We love you!

    7. I was introduced to Iris and Fabric Friends and Dolls a little over a year ago, as one of the many friends of Lola7 ^_^, and was impressed with the shop's selection and display. I appreciate Iris's professionalism and commitment to her customers. I have bought a number of Dollheart outfits from her and have a BlueFairy doll on layaway. Iris has gone above and beyond to accomadate her customers and has done an amazing job getting deals with many companies. I have also introduced and recommended friends to FF&D and will continue to do so.
    8. I have bought several dolls from Iris and 6 of them bjds. Iris is always friendly and professional whether I walk in the store, or order online. I highly recommend Fabric Friends & Dolls!!
    9. I've purchased dolls and accessories from Iris at Fabric Friends many times, and have been pleased with every transaction.
    10. I bought my Dreamhigh Studios Dragonia from FFD and it was a great purchase. It was a little complicated as I wanted to pick her up while I was in the US so I had to ask them to hold the parcel for a few weeks until I was ready to have her shipped and that meant I had more customer service interaction than in a routine transaction. Iris was prompt and friendly in communication and the purchase went off without a hitch. Having had a good experience, I now wouldn't hesitate to ask them to ship internationally.
    11. I was recommended to Iris at Fabric, Friends & Dolls recently from another doll collector (who collects vinyl dolls). I saw she also reps for Dollmore and was delighted to see some DM items in stock, just in time for Christmas.

      * What did you order?
      I ordered a Dollmore Kid Torrie girl with faceup, and two Dollheart Fukubukoro bags

      * When did you order?
      December 10, 2012

      * How was the communication?
      Very easy--all via email.

      * How easy was it to pay?
      Very easy. I ordered on her website, which has had some upgrades since my last visit. She invoiced me for Torrie separately, as she isn't allowed to advertise for the instock items.

      * How long did it take to ship?
      The same day.

      * Were there any missing or broken items in your order?
      No--everything was in stock.

      * If there were any problems with your order, how did the company handle them?
      Everything was perfect!

      * Would you order from this company again?
      Definitely. It was very easy. Thank you!
    12. I bought Peaks Wood Lady Bee, a Dollheart outfit, Leekeworld shoes, wig caps, and undies from Iris at Fabric Friends in two different transactions. Both times, she shipped my package the SAME day I ordered! She was super nice and patient on the phone, and her doll price was great! I would absolutely buy from them again, and it's nice to have another bjd seller in the USA.
    13. Iris allowed me to set up layaway for a DHS doll and was very understanding when I ran into an issue with Paypal. She is very quick to respond to communication, quick to send the doll once I paid off the layaway, and even called the post office to check on my package when it appeared that it might have gotten lost (thankfully, he was just delayed). I would definitely do business with her again!
    14. * What did you order? A Kid Delf with slightly modified faceup, extra hands, and some string.

      * When did you order? Mid July

      * How was the communication? Excellent by both phone and email. I was even able to add a pair of eyes without difficulty.

      * How easy was it to pay? Easy. Iris was able to keep my card on file and process my layaway payments without me having to make a long distance call every month.

      * How long did it take to ship? Once my order came in (November), I was quickly invoiced for shipping and he was sent out the next day. :)

      * Were there any missing or broken items in your order? No.

      * If there were any problems with your order, how did the company handle them? I was initially sent the wrong invoice, but a quick email got everything fixed. I admire the fact that she can handle so many orders with just a little help from her son.

      * Would you order from this company again? Definitely!
    15. * What did you order?
      Dream High Studio Chibi Feilene

      * When did you order?
      November 24, 2013

      * How was the communication?
      Good. I received email updates about order conformation and shipping fairly quickly.

      * How easy was it to pay?
      Very easy. I payed through Paypal.

      * How long did it take to ship?
      My doll was shipped the following day and I got her within a week.

      * Were there any missing or broken items in your order?

      * If there were any problems with your order, how did the company handle them?

      * Would you order from this company again?
    16. * What did you order?

      Luts KDF Bory Unicorn Centaur ver. Moonlight Song Limited, Zuzu Delf Romance Lio Incubus Limited, Zuzu Delf Persi the Poor Miller's Boy and tge Cat (in stock), Summer 2013 SDF Event head, and a midnight blue kdw.

      * When did you order?

      June 06, 2013. It was for a year long layaway but paid it off early, she was super awesome in referring my first payment on my new layaway to finish this one.

      * How was the communication?

      Awesome! Iris is a very busy woman and did a wonderful job keeping up with emails. Love this lady! Even when she had doll fairs she did what she could to answer my emails and keep in contact with me. There was one point where it looked like Luts had forgot to send a white sdf event head, she gave me a heads up that there was a possible issue and it was resolved quickly when luts came through and sent the head.

      * How easy was it to pay?

      Extremely! She offered paypal, as long as you do it as friends and family. She also offered me the chance to do post-dated che ks. I was going to do such but then thought it better to do paypal simply for ease and no wasting paper.

      * How long did it take to ship?

      She shipped it the following business day after I completed my layaway on Jan. 07th. It was insured and scheduled to arrive Jaz. 15th as I opted for parcel post, it got here on Mon. Jan. 12th. FAST!

      * Were there any missing or broken items in your order?

      Haha! Nope! In fact! I had two extras! Unintentional actually, Iris mistakenly put two of the same wig I ordered and a second real skin evrnt head in my order! I emailed her and told her I would have nooooo problem mailing them back as she has done so much awesome so far, but she said to keep them! She had enough heads for her other orders, hence why she said it was okay.

      * If there were any problems with your order, how did the company handle them?

      Only thing was the missing white skin event head but luts was quick to fix it with Iris and she made sure to make me aware when it was realized.

      * Would you order from this company again?

      Hells yus. XD I already have another large order with her for six months this time aaaand she is allowing me to proxy for my roomy who doesn't have paypal. Pretty awesome~
    17. I ordered a DreamHigh Studio Nox in 2012. Arrived in 2013

      Everything was OK. I appreciated the layaway.

      BUT-- I did not like paying the Paypal fees! Not only against the terms of service of Paypal, but kind of cheap of an actual business to do this when lots of private owners sell dolls and eat the fees, just like everyone else selling things.

      For that reason, I'm not really eager to order through FF&D again.
    18. that's why I always pay with my bank account and not my debit card. there are no fee if you do it that way.

      also with Iris I just call her and use my debit card. no fee that way either.

      later brad
    19. * What did you order?
      2 Luts Tinydelf Centaurs

      * When did you order?
      Sep. 2013

      * How was the communication?
      Quite good, Iris notified me when layaway payments were due and when payment was received.

      * How easy was it to pay?
      Very easy - payed through Paypal

      * How long did it take to ship?
      once they arrived from Luts they were shipped the very next day.

      * Were there any missing or broken items in your order?

      * If there were any problems with your order, how did the company handle them?

      * Would you order from this company again?
      Yes, but only if I really needed layaway or if Iris decides to allow regular paypal payments.

      the website was a bit confusing for me and I ended up needing to e-mail Iris my order since the dolls weren't listed.

      I was also surprised by the paying for Paypal fees since it is against paypal's TOS (I ended up opting for 'personal' payment)
      IMO Iris should really re-think charging for fees since if paypal gets wind of it they can cancel her account and I don't feel it's very fair to the buyers.
    20. I just recently discovered this store, thanks to a local doll group. It is a half and hour away from me. I've been there several times and the owner is very nice. She allows you to open things and look at them closely, try stuff on, and play with the dolls to get a feel for them. She has stayed late for me several times, because I have trouble getting there during her hours. I've had no problems with her and would recommend her to BJD lovers. I thought I should post something here, since I've had good luck with her.

      I will say, however, that her store is just as expensive as every other store. You'd find better deals online, but I like to see stuff in person and support my local doll shop.