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Face plates? Or full head with Cap?

Mar 14, 2018

    1. So I just thought I'd start this thread for fun and see what people actually preferred, face plates or head with cap? I've grown to be a big fan of dolls with faceplates instead of a full head. I feel like this makes face ups so much easier because the base of the head does not have to be removed. Also if the company lets you order multiple face plates then you can create ready to go plates with different expressions for photo stories! I have considered asking the company I ordered my current doll head through to see if they offer separate face plates so I can create multiple faces for the same doll! So what do ya'll think??? I look forward to seeing your responses! Have a wonderful day :)
    2. I like faceplates because they are so easy and quick to change, but I hate it when the magnets are too week and the faceplates fall off just when I slightly turn the head or change wig of the doll. I have several different company dolls with faceplates and all of them with the same issue. So I prefer full head dolls.
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    3. I prefer a full head because it is safer for me. I've seen many various types of faceplates but the fixation of parts in most cases is not good, the faceplate can fall down and the face-up will be damaged. I agree that faceplates are easier to change and cheaper to buy but as for me the core thing is in safe connection of parts. I think that the minifee's mechanism is the best :)
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    4. Agree - same here :) Head-cap because it is safer for doll face :)
    5. Head caps. I've gotten faceplates that don't fit securely direct from the maker, faceplates where the anchoring head back actually extended past the outside of the plate, plates that don't fit any back except the one they originally came with, and faceplates that grow less secure over time.

      Plus, if a headcap has a wonky fit, it's easy to hide under a wig; far less work than sanding, adding extra sticky things or worrying about same.

      It's like magnet hands. Convenient, but requiring extra care. It's not that important to me to have parts that remove easily; I just pick clothing that doesn't require part removal.
    6. Headcaps for me. Although faceplates look convenient, and impressive for expression changes for one character, it would feel unusual for me to have my own dolls with faceplates - I don't mind other people's dolls having them, but if they belonged to me they'd freak me out.

      I'd rather a decapitated body in my room than a faceless being, reminds me too much of slenderman :sweat
    7. I prefer headcaps simply because faceplates freak me out :sweat
    8. My iplehouse BID dolls have the face-plate system and the magnets are strong and the resin is quite sturdy. That being said, I have done faceups on two of my BIDs and it was enjoyable. Still, I have to be very careful when I handle the dolls head so as not to accidentally drop the face-plate.:sweat

      I have a soom Idealian 72 body and two heads- Gluino and Amor. Idealians also have a face-plate system, but their designs aren't standard so I can't easily switch face-plates between them. I have to switch the whole face-plate with their corresponding back. On the plus side, at least the brain hook system appears to be universal. :lol:

      The large majority of my dolls have the head and cap system which I'm largely used to. The head is very secure on the body and I don't have to be extra careful with them when dressing or changing their wig, so I will have to say that the head and headcap system is my preferred method. :)
    9. If I like a face I’ll buy a doll regardless of what system it uses, but I prefer heads. I’ve had faceplates that were always trying to fall off, the seams are sometimes visible when looking at the doll’s profile, and faceupping a faceplate is more annoying because it’s tricky to figure out where to hold it when there’s no convenient back to the head! I have dolls that have extra heads for more expression so it’s not something I think of as exclusive to a faceplate system.
    10. I prefer a full head for several reasons: it's easier for me to do faceups on a full head because it gives me something to grip while painting, there's no visible lines when the wig is on, heads don't easily fall off, and full heads usually have a better range of motion. I've also owned a couple of dolls (Dollshe and Littlefee) whose faceplates fell off so easily, I could barely move the head without it coming loose, so that put me off faceplates for a long time, but my Zaoll and Limhwa stay on much more securely.

      The only thing I like better about faceplates is if they have alternate expressions or sleeping heads, but neither of my faceplate girls have those, so it's kind of a moot point for me.
    11. I agree that the faceplates that fall off easily are BAD! (that's the most delicate part of the doll--and having them skittering around the floor is no bueno!)

      But I've had some dolls that have great, tight faceplates that totally stay on and look seamless... so if a company does them right, I think they are fine. Could be good for easily taking off and changing clothes, so faceup doesn't get rubbed... AND, I'm really surprised that more companies don't do the multiple faceplates with different expression-thing. (I've got some tiny ones from Fairyland--I have to admit that I'm not organized enough to have them at hand so I can swap them out--they're buried somewhere "safe" but very inconvenient!) But it seems like an idea that hasn't been used enough.

      I'm fine with the more typical head-cap, though. It does feel more safe.
    12. I have both, but I prefer to work with faceplates. They'e easier for me to do faceups and change the eyes. I haven' had any issues with faceplates falling off during normal use. The ones I have are quite snug and don't have magnets at all or don't solely rely on magnets, though.

      Having to take off the whole head to do any work on it or just having to switch out the entire head to get another expression is so much more inconvenient to me.
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    13. I prefer faceplates! So much easier to do things with.
    14. If the faceplates are well constructed, I think I would prefer them. So far, I only have heads with headcaps and am quite happy.

      What could solve problem with faceplated falling off: if you had no magnets holding them, but some kind lf sliding system...but of course the looks are also important, as we don't want a separating line. I may have to think about that...
    15. I have both systems, and I love face plates. I have two dolls that have a large selection of different emotions on the face plates and it’s fun changing them. I like being able to just remove the face to change eyes, or dress the doll. So far weak magnets haven’t been an issue for me, I just use poster tack.
    16. Face plates! It's a whole new doll with a new face!
    17. head caps, easier to rub off the faceup when you have a face plate, plus id be worried if it had weak magnets
    18. My doll with face plate style has had it fall off a few times and it was scary, risking the artist face up. So head cap is my preferred.
    19. I now have both. A Volks head with cap, and an A-S with faceplate. It was a lot easier, and less nerveracking to wrestle the A-S into clothes when I could set the face off safely to the side, compared to dealing with a full head that I was too nervous to remove.

      On the other hand, I have to be careful where I grip to position the A-S head compared to the Volks.
    20. I prefer faceplates—bad magnets aren’t really a problem because I can replace them with neodymium (K&J sends them really fast in a regular envelope).

      They make eyes and teeth (I like removable teeth) mush easier to remove or change, and I like not having to deal with the elastic because my dolls are strung really tight.