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Face-up artists list

Mar 23, 2016

    1. (I hope I posted it in the right category. If not, could a mod move it to the right one?)

      Hullo everyone! So today I had the crazy idea of of making a HUGE excel spreadsheet about face-up artists - their nickname, flickr/tumblr/instagram/facebook page, location, prices, style, turnaround time, reviews/feedback links, doing modification?/other things than face-ups, on doa (yes/no) - thats sortable and filter-able and will be made bigger by volunteers.

      Since I'm also maintaining several other big spreadsheets, another one is something I can work on :) The problem - there are far too many artists that I don't know, and it would take me ages to look all their info up.

      The list is open to be edited by everyone, you can add yourself (if you're a face-up artist) or other artists. I'm currently filling the list with people I follow on flickr, so my knowledge will run out soon.
      It would be awesome if people could spread the word and help along :)

      Link to the spreadsheet is here:
      The Face-up artists list

      Current to do's:

      - I'm currently unsure how to determine the level the face-up artist is on - beginner, intermediate, professional? I think that should be mentioned somewhere, but its currently missing from the list.
      - I'm also still not 100% sure about the definition of the styles - for now we have realistic, natural, fantasy and other (other = anime, for example). Suggestions?
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    2. This is a good work-in-progress setup. I would suggest arranging the artists in alphabetical order. The list is a little overwhelming to look at in its current state.
    3. There's currently no way of auto sorting the artists by name, but I'm doing that soon to make it easier for the eye :) Once we have more artists, I'll make small categories inbetween.
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    4. I do hope I'll find some time during the WE to go through the Exel-list I made on that same topic a few years back and put those who are still active up in your list cause I really love the idea!
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    5. @Roterwolkenvogel - that would be awesome :D I've filled the list with all the flickr artists I know (and who are still doing face-ups), and we're now at 80 artists, whoops.
    6. By name and also by country would be awesome.
    7. PChu - you can filter the whole list as you want :) Just go to Data -> Filter view -> new filter view, then you can pick your very own filters - like "sort by country, then sort by price, then sort by name". That filter view will be only viewable to yourself, so you're not modifing the original list :)
    8. If someone is bored, there's in the marketplace a section full of commissionable faceup artists. And most of them have the info available (price, country, etc). Easy peasy!

      But not me, I'm feeling lazy. ;D
    9. I don't have marketplace access, otherwise I would gone through it xD
    10. There's like 9 pages of stuff, I hope someone likes doing that. Who has the marketplace access and is willing to be our white knight in armour? (●´∀`)ノ♡
    11. The list isn't meant as a replacement for the Marketplace - or as a way for people who don't have marketplace access to still know about face-up artists :) its meant as a easy to sort/view overall list with some basic info about artists from around the world.
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    12. There is one name I can add
      Raquel Clemente
      She have this tumblr Raquel Clemente
    13. Belledoll - you can add her yourself, the list is open to be edited by everyone :)
    14. Wow this is so helpful- I was looking for something just like this!
    15. Soooooo helpful!
    16. Are you sure about the artist locations? Some of them seem way off to me and just might surprise the artists too!
    17. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. The list is open to be edited by everyone, so if you knwo something is wrong in there, change it ;)
    18. So you don't fact check before publishing? Angel Toast is in the US and so is Pepstar. Its your list, it's your job to at least get the countries right. Visit their websites and see where they ship from and there you go. There are a lot more errors than those two by the way.
    19. The list is not only done by me, and like I said (multiple times) the list can be edited by everyone :) If you see errors, then correct them. The list is meant as a group project, and people or course should check the data they're adding to it. But of course there can be errors.

      By the way, I've noticed the problem - someone set the list to filter ONLY by country, means if you sort by country then, it will only sort the country column, but not the matching rows... which results in totally bugged country/artists relations. I've resetted it now to the correct fiters and relations.