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Face Up Cold Feet?

Mar 20, 2008

    1. So I ordered my DollZone Fei on February 23'rd -still waiting- but I'm a little stressed about his face up. I've seen this one Fei with white skin and factory face up but I wasn't too thrilled about his face up it was like a dark orangey-brown color and it made him look so mean :| I really hope my Fei doesn't look like that....I guess I'm a little scared...But perhaps someone can put my mind at ease...=3 Not all DollZone face ups are the same?...right? :eusa_pray

      I really don't want to risk removing face up and sending his head to an artist miles and miles away...besides I love the DollZone face up my sisters Megi got.
    2. Well, they should be the same as the picture they have on the site, since that's the "default." You could always try doing face-ups yourself. :)
    3. I am waiting for him tooo,and ordered about february 19 maybe.
      but,i am worried...what if he doesnt have any face up?could that be?
    4. My Xi's faceup looks much better than in the factory photos, and I think they've started doing them better recently, so....you never know.

      They don't come with faceups unless you order them with faceups. :sweat Did you pay $200 or $240? if you paid $240, he should come with a faceup.
    5. If you don't like the faceup, it's really not as terrifying as it sounds to do your own. There are tons of tutorials and tips all around DoA and entire threads dedicated to the different materials you can use. If you still don't want to do your own, you should be able to find someone fairly nearby to commission. When it comes to faceup artists, as long as you do your research, talk to people, and check out their feedback to make sure they are reputable, you'll be fine. Just be sure to pack the head well!
    6. Wait and see what you think when you get him- even if the faceup is done to meet the standard image on the site there can be some differences, and of course he will look different in person than in photos. Wigs, clothing, eyes, and other accessories can also contribute to your doll's look. If you're nervous about sending him away again or doing a faceup yourself then it doesn't hurt to wait a while and see if the faceup grows on you with time, or looks better with a new wig, etc. But at the same time, no point in keeping a faceup you absolutely HATE- after all, you paid a lot of money for the doll and the faceup is a big factor in a doll's final look. So may as well go a little further and have something you REALLY love. : )
    7. hey if you don't like the faceup, you can redo it yourself, or comission a talented artist to do it for you - custom faceups are just one of the many joys of BJDhood, right?!
    8. my only factory face up is on my Dollzone Recall NS, Reno, I love his face up and dread ever changing it.

      Remember that you can change it if you end up not liking it