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Face up or no face up???

Sep 23, 2008

    1. Hiya all,

      just wondering what everyone prefers when buying a new doll, when you order from one of the many companies that are out there and they offer the doll with no face up or a default which option do you go for?

      Also if you bought a doll with no face up have you ever been dissapointed on their arrival because they look so different to the photo's on companies websites before you bought them??

      Just wondered as I think my dollzone kay looks really weird without eyelashes and eyebrows!!

      Cheers Carol x

    2. With, they creep me out a bit when they have no face paint. It's not just dolls though, ALL people without eyesbrows have that effect on me.
    3. I prefer to get mine without a face up because then I can make my doll my own. I think there is more bonding when you do the face up yourself. Yes, sometimes they do look quite different bald and blank. She will come alive as her faceup is done. Have fun with her!
    4. I do not have a doll yet... but it is one of the questions I asked myself...

      And I decided that for my first one, and for the character I want it to represent, I will go without.

      I just do not want to get too much of a surprise or anything... and I really want it to look like the character I want it to look like.

      But I may get one with face-up one day, if I do not really have the way I want is face to look like :D
    5. I guess both for me.

      If I like the mould and the company face-up... I order the doll with the face-up.

      If I like the mould but dont like the face-up at all then I order the doll without.

      Simple as that : )
    6. it depends on the character. i was not disapointed with my first doll faceupless. My puki is coming with a faceup however. It all depends on the size and character for me ^^
    7. I used to think dolls without face-ups looked strange, and never considered buying a doll for myself without also ordering face-up. That is... until I saw SasamiChan's new puki PongPong. Now, I really want a PongPong without faceup :lol: He's just so cute!

      So, in the end.. I guess it depends on the doll...
    8. Well, I'm a no-face up person. Yes, whilest I love the default face ups. I'm scared that I'll get attached to the personality in that face up, and if something happens..... there they go.
      So doing my own face ups, gurantees I'll get my character back (after alot of work, if the face up I just replaced is any indication). Not to mention, I save money by requesting without. Those 50-ish dollars can then be spent on shoes and/or eyes and a wig instead.
      I mean, I have a huge pile of art supplies that I've gathered over the years. Might as well use them!
    9. It completely depends. If the default faceup is beautiful and suits the character well, then I very well might go with the default (I have a couple with default faceups). However, a lot of company faceups don't fit the character I have in mind for the doll, and in those cases I would rather do my own--even if it comes out less expertly done, it will be a far better fit for the doll. I also have some second hand dolls I got with pretty custom faceups, so I sort of have all types.

      I've never been disappointed with a sculpt because of any disconnect between photos and reality--in my experience, dolls are usually much more impressive in person. They do look weird without eyebrows, lol, but luckily that's easily remedied :)
    10. Usually I order mine without the face-up. I like to either do them myself or send them off to someone on DOA to do them for me. Three times I've gotten them with a face-up from the company. I was never disappointed but grew bored with two of them.
    11. i always prefer no face up. mainly because i want to customize my dolls, and thats why i buy them. i worry that if i get a doll with a faceup, i won't want to remove it because it is so proffessional looking.

      thats why i also don't buy any clothing for my doll, it forces me to use my creativity.
    12. Each of my dolls represents a character from a story I have had in my head for about 7 years now. Due to that a default face up wont cut it. However for Teagan I was able to request a custom face up for the same cost. I described it as best as I could and when I got her she was perfect. As for the rest of them, I'll be doing them myself as they aren't coming from the same company Teagan did.
    13. Without. I prefer to do it myself. I enjoy doing it, save money and it helps with the bonding. :3
    14. Let's see..... 4 out of the 5 dolls I've bought for myself have come WITH faceups... but of those 4, three have been wiped and repainted.
      When I see a doll, I typically think "Oh, that doll with that faceup makes me want to buy it..."
      And then later on I change it because the doll's new character becomes a bit different. ^^a;
      So even though I feel a bit guilty of wiping off someone elses' work, it's good for me to see what the doll can be BEFORE I wipe it off, because I tend to bond with it that way.... and then even more when I repaint him myself.

      ... Does that make any sense at all??? >_>
    15. If it's already in the price, or free and I like it I will get the face up. Either way works for me. :3
    16. i never use to buy dolls w/o a faceup but now i rather like the idea bc painting there face is so much fun & allows bonding
    17. hahahaha, I TOTALLY hear you!

      I prefer with the faceup, but I've only bought one from an actual vendor, and I couldn't afford the faceup. I bought Little B. (a mnf soo) from someone on here, and the faceup came with. She did such an amazing job on that doll, I loved her so so much.
    18. I thought my Yder was cute with no faceup, but now that I have given him one, he looks so much more... "alive", with so much more personality to him! My friend faceupped him right before I did, so I know for a fact that doing a faceup youself really does help "bond" with the doll!
    19. I generally like to get my dolls without a faceup... three of the dolls I have bought had faceups before I bought them and I sold one and am in the process in selling the other (the one I kept was my dream boy so there ya go :))

      I think doing the faceup yourself really helps you realize just what your dolls personality is like, I have started a faceup with one idea of how it was going to go and ended up with something completely different!

      Besides, faceups are fun :D
    20. I need face-ups. >_< I've concluded that I'm too chicken to do them myself and dollies look a little alien to me without them.