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face with upper eyelid

Nov 12, 2007

    1. hello!
      i'm still surfing around, looking for a perfect doll which would perfectly suit my character:) i found a flexi fashion body which is quite interesting for me, since i would like that my girl was a very skinny, nearly bony, but still fragile and delicate. but also very important that she looks realistic. i like be cause of that narae extremely much, but she's not exactly the girl i have in mind (though if i don't find perfect match, she'd be one of the first on my list, just at least be cause she is SO beautiful). i like unoa lusis, especially her eyes, which it seems to me have upper eyelid and the shape kind of sad, but she's less realistic, imo (though she's also on my wishlist!)
      however, don't want to make you all too bored with my problems of choice..
      my question (for those who couldn't read all this rubbish from beginning to end, i marked it:) :
      so, i was looking if there is any head (grown up looking) with eyes have uper eyelid and may be also such cute bags under. i love it so much!and who could look rather real.
      though i was also thinking about minimee, but it's rather expensive.... the only chance would be to find any celebrity which looks close to my dream head and convince some people to order together with me;)
      p.s. i hope the name of my thread is understandable.. if not i'm open to suggestions!
    2. I don't think regular size (6.5-8 inch) mini heads look right on flexifashion. Tinybear posted photos of a Unoa 1.0 or 1.5 head (6.5 inch) on flexifashion and then a Unoa 2.0 Cream head (may be 5.5 inches - not sure) and the Unoa 2.0 looked better on the body. And note that the Unoa 1.0/1.5 Unoa is one of the smallest regular size mini heads. I think the majority of mini heads are around 7.5 inches.


      Your choices for heads around 5.5 are Unoa 2.0 (you would have to buy whole doll I think, at auction or in the Marketplace - I think they were only sold once), and Orientdoll Dae size head (available separately http://www.theorientdoll.us/ and whatever head was sold with the Flexifashion. I think that may be it. There is one more more fashion-size BJD girl doll named Dae Jang Guem. I don't know her head size though. And I don't know how any of them would look on the body except Unoa 2.0 - if their head is more deep and narrower across the face it might not look right, and do not know if their neck sizes are compatible or their resin color.

    3. oh, thank you, carolyn!
      though i saw tinybear photos, and think that unoa 1.0/1.5 does't look so bad, that's how such an idea came to me. and also may be unoa's head is one of the smallest, but she's got rather wide face.for example, compare to narae it looks wider to me.
      and who is dae jung guem? i found only one pic here, who makes them, do you know any link?
      thank you in advance!
      also i'm not too sure about the flexi fashion body yet, but really want to see if anyone knows such head..:/
    4. i'm sorry for such complication, i'm a master of that;) yes, i want to check all possibilities with flexi fashion, but if i find the head which is my dream, i guess i won't care much if it fits this body or not. i saw today elfdoll ruru- her eyes are unbelievable! but, unfortunately for me, she's sd size;(
    5. There are lots of normal size minis with eyelids. Narae has lots of different heads to choose from - open eye, classic, 2/3 open. 1/3 open, sleeping, Butterfly, and oocasionally someone makes a Narin-head girl with one of the Narin heads. Unoa has Lusis, Sist, and various expression plates.

      If you want larger eyelids, try the 7-8 inch head minis - they usually have much larger eyes (14-16mm compared to the 12mm eyes most 6.5 head minis have.

      Here is a guide with faces and links to the most common BJD's - you probably won't find any of the newer or smaller companies here. And some are in the wrong maturity category (example all DOC girls are now available with mature or immature body, and one or two always came with mature body, but they are listed in immature. Nice mature body too - very posable from what I have seen).

      And here is a bigger database - pick a company on the right to see the faces of their dolls (includes dolls that are no longer available, and more dolls, but not some of the latest mold - like I don't think it has Luts MNF/Minifee/Fairyland Shushu).

    6. Hmm... I'm thinking a DZ Fenyo might be nice. She has half lidded eyes and a mature look about her. I've no clue if she'd fit the flexi body you've got or not tho'
    7. thank you for all the research, though i checked all that i guess... have to think or may be ask to mod any face i like or really order a minimee. with upper eyelid i meant such a deep lid inside, oh i don't know how to explain.. however it's ok. i'll just keep on thinking.
      i'm really picky!
    8. have to check dz again, but not today. i'm already half sleeping:)
    9. I think you will have to measure the flexi fashion body yourself - I cannot find the measurements anywhere.

      Measure the circumference of the neck about where the underside of the head would start if the head was on the body.

      Many mini companies list the neck circumference on their sites though you can never be sure exactly where they measured it.

    10. i'd measure the body, if i had it...
    11. Re Dae Jang Geum I mentioned above - I don't think she is allowed to be discussed on DoA but I am not positive. I have never found a complete list of which borderline dolls were allowed and which were not. In general, fashion-proportion BJD's made by companies who haven't made any normal Asian "BJD" proportion BJD's have a tough time getting on DoA due to their different look, shape, and targeted audience.

      Is your body on its way or did you not buy it yet?

    12. i didn't order anything yet. i'm looking for my perfect doll=) so, that's why i bother everyone with every ridiculous question appears in my head.
      so, dae jang guem is a fashion doll.... then i think i found her yesterday. thank you for your support!!!!!
      and the dz dolls.. somehow i didn't check them much before, though saw them a lot around. they really interesting i think, but fenyo's eyes are a little too close for me. however thank you!
    13. Have you looked at the Lati Blue body? The arms are slimmer than Unoa's but the body is about the same size. The Dollzone girl is also quite slim.

      Down this page:

      Serendipity Sharmin (no longer sold) was extremely slim and some came with interchangable elf ears. Her sister Alice was on the same body. They come up for sale occasionally in the Marketplace and Ebay.

      The one shown in the photo here is one of the white-skin versions. Furether down the page I have links to old Dollmore sales pages for some of the Sharmins:


    14. thank you for the links! for unoa lati blue body was my favorite. sharnin is slim, but hard to get and i'm not sure i'm in love with her face.
      .... went on thinking...