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Fairy Cradle / Doku Doll Cyclops Body Options and Measurements

Nov 23, 2016

    1. So I've been looking into the Doku Doll / Fairycradle cyclops heads, and while I've seen some threads talking about resin matching and the like, other information seems to be missing.

      For one - does anyone know the wig or eye size of these heads? (I know what the typical wig sizing is for MSD but it can always vary.)

      As well for the bodies, I understand the most common way to go is with MSD sizes? But I also get the impression some people use Yosd bodies to give the doll a more childlike demeanor. That's kind of what I'm looking to do as well - but since I'm not sure if some pictures are using Yosd bodies or just unique MSD sculpts I can't really make a move on that front.

      The threads on these dolls are kind of huge and all over the place so forgive me if these answers are already out there, but I'd also like any extra advice owners of these doll heads can give!
    2. Where have you seen these other threads? Because I can't seem to find them...
    3. Good question, depending on how I spell fairycradle I get different results. Sometimes I can find posts and sometimes not.
    4. It's like a treasure hunt...How do you spell it differently? I'd like to find the resin comparison one so I know the perfect body to get.
    5. Sometimes I put a space in-between "fairy" and "cradle", I can't recall which search got more results since I began looking a long time ago, then gave up because it's not like I can buy a doll again any time soon ^_^

      Looking up cyclops as well I believe will give some results, since lots of people are recommending doku doll as an excellent one-eyed doll sculpt.
    6. I emailed Doku dolls. They said the wig size is 17.5cm which is about 6 or 7inches, and the eye size is 18mm. I didn't know if you ever found the answer to your question, lol.

      Now I just need to find resin matching photos.
    7. Oh! Thank you for the help ^^' and yeah, I'll have to do the same!
    8. I just ordered a Doku Doll Cyclops! I have few dolls from different companies so I might be able to give some insights into resin matching and what size body would fit her best once she arrives ^_^
    9. @cutekittami Where did you order ? I can't find anything, all pre-orders I found are old.
      I purchased an OE Cyclops head off MP and received her today. She is an adorable sculpt. Now on the body hunt !
    10. aeryn, I just emailed Doku Doll! [email protected]

      I’m sorry, I’m not really up on all of the Doll companies? What’s OE? I have the Aileen Doll Cyclops as well! They are going to be sisters :)
    11. Also, is there a general discussion thread for Doku Doll? If not, can we turn this into one?
    12. @cutekittami, OE=Open eye I'm guessing? They're are two head types. One with the eye slightly closed and the other with the eye fully open.

      No I don't think there is currently a thread for Doku Dolls. I think her cyclops head is the only bjd that she sells.
    13. @TechnicolorFox that makes sense!! I wonder if we can get the mods to change the title of the thread.

      I’ve decided on getting a Doll Family-H version 2 body for her. I think the resin match is pretty close. I just have to decide on bust size!
    14. I don't know if that's possible. We could always make a new thread.

      I used a dollzone body in normal. It was very close.
    15. Do you have pictures you could share?
    16. When I get home I'll try to get a good picture.
    17. Meh.. I was going to post a picture of my girl but I’m on mobile and I think it’s too big.
    18. Same. I usually only use mobile. But here she is.

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      #18 TechnicolorFox, Mar 16, 2018
      Last edited: Mar 16, 2018
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    19. I love this outfit on your doll!!!! <3
      Also, I’m surprised how many comments this thread got when I wasn’t checking ^^’
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    20. Oh my gosh... it’s been so long >_<, did you have any luck?