Fairyland Chic Line clothing, shoe, and wig database - Useable vs. REALLY FITS

May 18, 2010

    1. Here is the link to Fairyland's measurement chart

      There are “fashion doll” owners who are buying the Chic Line dolls and they already own stuff to try on these new beauties to share with us what is useable and what really fits them.

      Since it is possible that not previously resin BJD owners will gravitate to these fantastic Chic Line dolls and come seeking information in this thread, I will make some statements that are redundant to us with resin doll experience.

      Cautionary notes concerning footwear:

      Even if “X” brands of shoes/boots can be put on a Chic Line woman’s high heel foot, please be very careful when you test having the doll free stand while wearing the items. Just because the item can be put on the foot does not take into account all of the factors necessary to make them a correct fit and still allow a Chic Line woman to perform the poses depicted in Fairyland pictures.

      My customary cautionary note about how “forced on” footwear is a major danger for damage/breakage to foot connection systems and ankle joints because of the force necessary to remove overly tight footwear is not as relevant for Chic Line dolls. Since their feet are attached with magnets, one might presume the worst thing that could happen is the foot/feet becoming stuck in too tight footwear and might incur damage to the footwear in extracting the foot/feet.

      Also keep in mind that if you utilize any VERY SNUG FITTING footwear on your doll with no room for stockings or socks, you will increase the odds of the footwear staining your doll’s feet. The material itself and most especially the thread used in assembling the footwear should not be left in contact with your dolls extremities for very long. Most particularly in the "fashion doll" world, boots are known to be demons for staining.

      Disclaimer: all replications of an item are bound to have variations within the same size for finished products. The item you possess and attest to fitting in a certain way maybe smaller/larger in some places than the “exact” same item in another person’s possession.

      Regardless of the source, contributors who try an item on their Chic Line doll and post that it fits well need to substantiate their fit statement with clear photographs, front, back, and side that show the items actually on the dolls and to specify any modification enacted on the item to make it fit as seen in the photos.

      Please be very specific with your adjectives to describe the fit, i.e. tight/loose, too long/short and in what location, easy/hard to get on/off, standing room only or can the doll sit in the item, in/out of scale, etc.

      Since we all have different criteria for what is an acceptable fit for any item, we should take the pains to be supplying the most detailed information possible so others can make “educated” buying decisions.

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    2. I'm gonna stick my neck out and say you're probably very safe getting Dollmore 16" fashion model doll clothes and shoes as well as undies (though I'm not so sure about those.... LOL ). They seem very much the same size :)
    3. I have a Resinsoul Mei and she fits into Tonner and Ellowyne clothes however she is small chested, so I would question if the larger chest Lishe will fit the same size and also you have to be careful with the hand and foot openings, I have some outfits she would look stunning in but I can't get her hand through the blinkin' sleeve, although she doesn't have an S hook to remove the hands, maybe the Chic Line's hands are easily removable? I love Lishe but want her with the smaller bust so am going to wait until that is an option
    4. The chic line have magnetic hands that easily come off for dressing, and I'm going to venture an easy on/off mechanism for their heads so you can pop their heads off for changing clothes too like the MNF. I think I'm going to buy a simple dollmore dress and boots (so cheap!) and a blank chic doll (not sure which yet) along with my MNF Rheia. She'll be a stand alone, but I suspect she'll really inspire me to make clothes and take pictures as I think they're stunning!
    5. Well I am not going to stick my neck out until I see pictures as proof, LOL

      Within the measurements Dollmore has supplied for their dolls variation exists:

      Chest 18 – 21.5 cm
      Waist 11 -11.5 cm
      Hips 17 – 20.2 cm

      Here is a link to a metric conversion site.

      For my money I would not even be sure their clothes fit their own dolls in the same way.

      My friend has a pair of the zippered boots from the same manufacturer as those in the Dollmore shoe link you provided. She says they have to be wiggled on and off her Tyler foot which is definitely what I term a ‘forced on and off” footwear item. I have no intensions of risking such a thing with my Chic Line female.

      I am all for questioning, especially after I perused the following information.

      Here is a link to a site with the “fashion doll” Tyler’s measurements.

      I am not in a position to attest to the accuracy of those measurements with the exception of saying the doll height is right on. So Tyler at 16 inches is 3.64 cm/1.43 inches taller than the height Fairyland has given us for their Chic female.

      There are sufficient other variations between what is in that chart for Tyler and what FL has given us as Chic Line measurements.

      Here is a link to Dale Rae’s sewing hints in which you can view a measurement chart which has both the Minifee and the “fashion doll Ellowyne”.

      Link to FL measurement chart
    6. Well, you might be right. The feet of the chic line are .1cm larger than the dollmore site, but many of the clothes are stretchy, so I figured they'd fit ok. Maybe I'm wrong, but I figured they'd fit one of my dolls. If I can manage to get a chic girl doll, I'll be getting the black knit dress with boots and will report :) But it will be a while :D
    7. Oh if that were the case, it'd be just as easy to use any boots without feet, and shoes that show the feet wouldn't be hard to poke out I'd imagine :D

      Oh, that'd be awesome, derilan85! I wish they'd have some "testing" dolls that they'd send out to interested people so they could report on this kind of stuff. I would volunteer to do the work, though it would be hard, picture taking and all. Hummm maybe I should write to Fairyland and suggest they send one each of their prototypes to me for testing, ROFL ;)
    8. I'm not really sure about this, especially if you want the doll to stand^^; Granted, my only dolls who ever experienced a foot-less shoe period are my SD and 21cm obitsu. The first is too heavy to stand without foot (even if shoed), and the other is too light to be bothered by such things xD; I'm gonna have to wager that these dolls won't be too happy to stand footless xD;
    9. Amen!

      I certainly will not be subjecting even my Chic's FL make up let alone a customized face up to the needless risk of toppling face first for the sake of a photo in footwear I know does not fit correctly.
    10. Well, we can't know anything for a while, but I suspect for just that reason, those feet are hooked on :D Feet aren't very.... expressive, so they don't require that fast a switch like hands, and hooked feet aren't that hard to switch out and usually would stay switched as long as the doll is wearing the outfit at least, so ... yah, I suspect highly, hooked feet anyway :D
    11. I honestly haven't had the hands come off my LTF without some actual effort in holding the wrist-joint still, so I think it'd probably be fine. Especially if the boot goes up over the ankle, limiting the foot movement a little.

      I'm not guessing that they'll be mag-on twists, I honestly just tossed it out there just to be contrary XD;; But I won't rule out the possibility. We'll know mid-June, ne?
    12. PukiPuki have a little lock in their feet, too, but the locks are placed near the front of their ankle, meaning slipping off tight shoes takes the foot with it.

      I would hope it would be the same as the LTF Feet just so that wouldn't happen!
    13. Like I said in the discussion thread: As I'm coming from dolls around this size, I've got a lot of Barbie and Ken clothes. I'm pretty sure Barbie won't fit, but I'll try some of the bigger Ken clothes and let y'all know with the pics and stuff. ^_^
    14. Fairyland measurements for the head circumference is 12cm. I'm getting a Parabox 4.5 inch wig to test this out since the Parabox site says 10.5cm and 12cm circumference heads will fit them. I'll let everyone know how it goes!
    15. I started a chart of doll measurements for similar sized dolls if anyone is interested.

      Well, I've taken a rather big chance on stuff, and might as well state here what I bought for my large bust Ino. I got her stuff from Dollmore; stuff that's made for their 16" Fashion Model Doll. I got her the Manizer Girl Set It's arrived and it's so beautiful! I really hope it will fit! I also have the High neck one piece dress and the Nobody One-Piece dress. And the Stiletto Heeled Boots.

      I also have Kingstate pumps and pull on boots, much like those I got from DM, and a pair of sandles which I will try on when she gets here (It'll be a while unfortunately).
    16. Pandy just pointed out in the discussion thread that Leeke has fashion doll size shoes. And I'm telling ya, they're stunning! They're killer stunning, and I'm so in trouble now :doh I was thinking that section was for yo size dolls, and I never would have looked if Pandy haddn't said something. I figured I'd spread the desire virus here so I won't be alone, LOL
    17. If you look at those shoes, there is no way those high heeled sexy shoes were made for Yo size dolls?? Maybe some are, but a lot of them are very adult. I can't imagine these being worn by a Yo type doll
    18. Also, if you go by the measurements, 4.4cm on the shoe fits the idea that it might work on a C-line, but honestly we won't know until someone takes a dive and tests the waters. They could very well be too wide or a skoshe too long, we don't know.

      It looks like C-Line feet might equal the length of many Yo-size dolls.
    19. From my years of experience with Leekeworld boots/shoes, adult styling or not, I believe that Leekeworld has made their boots/shoes in the “D” size category to fit their own “D” size of dolls and Volks YO dolls as they have stated. To what degree any styles of boots/shoes really fit the feet of the stated dolls is open to question without actual proof photos of each style of item on the specified doll’s feet.

      FYI: Leekeworld boots/shoes are fitted to flat feet for the SD doll size range. There are numerous Leekeworld SD size range of boots/shoes, with high heels that fit the feet to one degree or another for several brands of SD size of dolls, look great on in scale; however, the doll’s ankle will not flex enough to allow for the tilt angle of the high heels and therefore the doll is canted forward so much so as to not be able to balance for “free standing” in the footwear. I know this for an absolute fact because I own many SD size of Leekeworld boots/shoes and own several brands of SD size dolls for which this is the case in reality.

      I do not own Leekeworld “D” or Volks YO size of dolls. I do own FL LTF dolls and Volks YO/Dollheart YO size of boots/shoes and they “fit” the LTF primarily because of the LTF ankle width (5.0 cm) and even with socks are some too long on their feet in reality. The Chic Line ankle width is 4.3cm, which is between 1/4 and 3/8 inches narrower: that alone would lead me to think YO fitting stuffs will swim on their slender looks. I will demonstrate the fit of my YO size stuffs on the Chic Line flat feet as soon as my girl arrives.

      For footwear items, my fit criteria is based on the doll mentioned actually being able to “free stand” in the specified footwear item and the item being constructed in a way to facilitate staying on the doll’s foot. Even if those first two criteria are met, regardless of the purchase price, I still do not want an item that is out of scale in looks when being worn by the doll.

      I think your mentioning of the width and length are critical in this smaller scale of feet on these more petite Chic Line females. A single or couple of cms does not seem much on a ruler but it sure can be way out of wack for looks in reality. I have spent a tidy fortune learning just how off it can actually be in looks for several sizes of dolls.

      Once I see my Chic female, the fit of her full package footwear selection, and her naked flat feet, I will be able to decide whether I am willing to ginea pig it to drop the bucks for trying Leekeworld anything YO size range.

      It really will not be much longer before dolls are in peoples hands and we can end the speculation and have some positive proof.
    20. I have done a bit of testing on what fits my Ino.

      Ellowyne Wilde coat: length is perfect. Too loose around the waist and a bit too massive.
      Ellowyne Wilde lace top: perfect fit.

      Trousers by Brennil: Too loose, a centimetre or so too long.
      Bra for a Narae (?): Fits very well.

      I'm in the middle of reorganizing my dolly stuff, so I could only find one Ellowyne shoe. Shape and size seem to match very well with the Fairyland boots. Fit is good as well. But I have no idea whether she could stand in these.