Fairyland ChicLine 40cm Discussion Part 5

Sep 3, 2018

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    1. Oooh, gorgeous Alex! @redmaiko!

      I can't believe Chicline got a new thread :D Yaaay! So I had to go out and do a few shots of my dolls, this time Ineffa with Rou. Rou needs some real clothes, but what he is wearing are old Ken clothes that my grandmother made for me, so I'm partial to seeing them on him, LOL. Reminds me of her :)

      [​IMG]New Chic-line thread on DoA required fresh picture spam :) by ingiebee, on Flickr
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    2. What perfect timing, I was looking for other places to spam my DoA's photo contest entry! DX

      Redmaiko, beautiful photo of your gorgeous Rou! thanks for sharing! ^ ^

      IngieBee, those clothes on your Rou are very well made! I wish someone in my family knew how to sew, it wouldn't be a struggle for me otherwise.
      Those clothes must be treasures to you, not only because they are wonderfully made, but also because of how meaningful they must be to you now. (:
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    3. @Enzyme love your picture!

      I can sew, but all these years later, my Ryu still has no ‘real’ outfit. I’ve tried so many times, lol. I’m getting the nerve up to try again. Love my guy, but he’s destined to be naked I guess, sigh.
    4. @Enzyme, that is a great photo!
    5. @Enzyme I love that one, a goth version of Michael Angelo's Sistine Chapel, LOL Yah, that's why Rou still wears that, LOL, my grandmother died like 22 years ago now :( I be old :D That he can wear the shirt and vest is just cool to me!

      @kurogane it's not such a bad "curse" for him to be naked :D :D
    6. Kurogane, thank you so much! (;
      I can sew as well, I just don't know what I am doing half the time. Regardless, it hasn't stopped me from sewing all my dolls' clothes (though I procrastinate).

      Nancy_schroeder_ca, thank you so much! I take very bad photos, so I am very grateful for your kind comments! ^ ^

      IngieBee, aww! Thank you so much for your incredibly kind comments! I mentioned in the contest thread that I was inspired by Caravaggio's lighting techniques in his paintings,
      but I certainly am a huge fan of the three great masters of Renaissance, I think they were the most influential when I first vegan painting more than thirty years ago. ^_^
      I agree about Rou always in the nude not being a bad thing. I love the CL male body so much, I wish FL had made their 65cm version the same exact proportions.
      Though I have such weird taste, I am probably in the minority in being disappointed that their 65cm body didn't have the same exact proportions as the CL male.
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    7. CP makes the loveliest bodies with the shapeliest legs in the doll world.
      Alyx takes a few minutes to relax in the fitting room while trying on costumes for the coming season.

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    8. Well, when you speak of lighting techniques and drop names, I know saying "pretty" or "cool" won't fit, LOL, But my lack of edumacation allowed me to go no farther @Enzyme, LOL. Cool!

      @petiteballerine , I have no idea what it's like to set up a new ballet, but that looks pretty much on the nose, with costumes strewn everywhere! It reminds me of when I was looking for my wedding dress, LOL. And back stage always seems dark to me as well!. She seems bored. But you created a beautiful "moment in time" there :)
    9. IngieBee, lol! No problem, cool is always cool I think, even when talking about classical references one might not know (I am a huge art-nerd, so don't worry). The funny thing is that I typed "vegan" instead of "began," like I let my auto-spellchecker do all the work for me lately, and don't even proof-read anything anymore. How sad to rely solely in technology like that. Lol!

      Pettiteballarine, that is a very nice set up, I love all the sparkles and tulle. There was a brief time of my life when I wanted to be a ballerina, but it was a very short lived dream with no fond memories to speak of. ^ ^;;
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    10. Oooh, I'm in time to contribute to the wonderful first page spam.

      Here's one of my Chiclines:
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    11. Wow, she is stunning, @TeaPartyRevolution!

      I was able to read your meaning just fine @Enzyme :) .Happens to me all the time as well!
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    12. I was looking in my EL's box and he never came with a COA, did any of the ChicLine dolls come with a COA?
    13. I don't think so, that started, I believe, after all the recasting stuff got out of hand. Thankfully I dropped off DoA during that whole debate because when I came back, and saw how ugly the fight got, I was really dismayed! I'm glad not to have been here during those fights! Ugh, ugly! But yah, I don't think any of my minifees or chics have CoAs but I'd have to dig up their boxes to know for certain...?
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    14. I got one with my Chloe, but I ordered her during that very last period that they were available. My others don't.
    15. I think I read on another thread that Fairyland only recently started sending certificates.
    16. I think 90% of my collection doesn't have a COA. A few of my dolls do, but they were all purchased in the last 2 or 3 years (or alternatively have a Luts limited edition certificate). I can't say for certainty that any of my Chiclines have a COA.

      And I have one of the old gold plates.
    17. I didn't get a CoA with my Rou only a restringing manual, I received him in September 2010. I am not sure how long the Chicline dolls had been out by that time, but I am guessing only the very last Chicline dolls got one.
    18. Ah okay I just wanted to make sure, sad that they may never release these lovely doll again. I sure would like some different clothes for my EL to wear.