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Fairyland "Chocolate Skin" Dolls Discussion

Mar 13, 2009

    1. To me it sounds like Fairyland might start slowly releasing some of their dolls in tan. *_* How awesome would that be?

      What do you guys think?
    2. You serious? I just went to check to read it. Just wow. *_* I would love a tan Minifee or Little Fee. D: *drools* I'm not much of a Puki fan, as in owning one myself. ^^;; But yea...This is so great to hear! :D

      But so much rage will go on to get tan dolls. :'D
    3. I can't wait to see what it looks like. A tan LittleFee is very tempting.
    4. Tan yes plz :D can't wait to see what they look like D:
    5. I'd love to see the Minifees released in tan skin again, however I wonder just what kind of tan Fairyland has in mind. When I think of chocolate, I think of a dark brown as opposed to some of the lighter brown tan colours we see offered by companies today.
    6. I am imagine quite a dark skin too rather than the "tan" we are used too- i'm picturing the black that Iplehouse and Dollshe do. I can't wait- the idea sounds beautiful!!!
    7. I'm excited to see this, but I am hoping that is a dark tan skin like Dark Cocori and not a light tan skin like some of the other companies.
    8. I agree that it would be nice to see more darker tans out there, but from what I recall, the original CP tan wasn't really light ( like some of the other 'tans' we see ) so maybe we could see something similar to that? I loved the CP tan and was so bummed when they were suddenly nowhere to be found.

      Or it could be something darker. At this point all anyone can really do is speculate. *_* I really can't wait to see what the actual tone looks like.
    9. OMG When I think of chocolate I think of the Bobobie Chocolate/Dark Tan Boy they released 2-3 years ago.. (?forget when?)... like they just upped and melted a hershey's bar into the mould and voila.... *drools*
    10. Evil, evil, evil Fairyland! *imagines tan DES* Good thing it's just pukis atm, else I'd have to buy 2 NS bodies, a LTF body and a tan MNF, too... My hubby would kill me. XD
    11. I absolutely love tan dolls! And Fairyland is my favorite company so this is such great new!
      I'll surely get a Lily or a Pipi when they'll be release :)

      Now really hoping they'll release some MNF in tan!
    12. :DLittlefee and Minifee in tan are definitely coming home with me!!!
    13. I can't wait to see what they look like! I might have to finally get a Shushu!
    14. yup im joining in on the littlefee and minifee tans will be joining my family! this is sooo exciting im hoping for somthing on the lighter shade though but "chocolate" does make it sound like it will be a darker shade than most companies.
    15. I hope they're black skinned as opposed to tan :)
    16. OMG, I'm so ridiculously happy I waited on a MNF till this year~ First they release normal type A boy body, now there's a possibility for tan (and maybe even dark tan)? :D:D:D:D I will waaaait....
    17. Chocolate makes we think of the darker resin than tan. I do wonder how dark their chocolate is.
    18. I hope they can someday offer a range - both the dark skin and a lighter tan... It'd be great to have a range of colors available, since they already offer so many options especially for Minifees! It does seem like Fairyland might be listening to it's customers. I saw quite a few people wishing for less muscular boys and smaller-breasted girls, and now those are available, so maybe someday there'll be a range of skin colors as well.
    19. I sense a hole burning in my pocket already. :D
    20. Oh boy oh boy! The possibilities are very cool. I wish they were issuing one of the larger sizes first, I don't need another Puki, do I? I would LOVE to see a YO size though, no other company offers a darker skin baby in that size.