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Update Fairyland "Chocolate Skin" Dolls

Mar 13, 2009

    1. My, my this is interesting. Could it be that our hopes for tanned skinned CP dolls are not as dim as we originally thought?

    2. Dear customers,

      Chocolate Skin Pukipuki are now available for ordering.
      As mentioned in the previous notice, 6 pukipuki - Pipi, Piki, Sugar, Rose, Cupid and Lily will be available.
      There are only certain number of each types available, but it does not mean that they are Limited Edition products.

      Chocolate Skin Puki will only be available as Full Packages, BlackCat-Tom and BlackCat-Queen.
      The only difference between Tom and Queen is in the faceup style. All other contents including ouftis are the same (Tom has boy style makeup, Queen has girl style makeup). Although some customers may have different views, please understand that this has been decided according to FairyLand's views.

      Tom makeup: Pipi, Piki, Cupid
      Queen makeup: Sugar, Rose, Lily
      * It is not possible to request for a different style makeup.

      Chocolate Skin Puki Full Packages have slightly different default components compared to previous Full Packages due to the characteristics of the skin tone. Please read the contents table on the product page very carefully before ordering.

      Pricing has been decided after careful consideration of market matters, and we have also provided some additional contents for initial buyers of Chocolate Skin pukipuki.

      Lastly, customers purchasing pukipuki between March 20, 2009 ~ April 10, 2009 will receive "Pukisha Set Black Version" as free gift to celebrate the launch of Chocolate Skin dolls. (This does not apply to puki body.)

      Thank you.


    3. if me and my friend order two choco pukis within same order( invoice) will we get two black pukisha set or just one? :)

      thanks ^)
    4. Navci - Check what Liria says further up in this topic:
      Edit: I don't understand where Navci's post - the post that I answered - has gone.... I wasn't aware that it was possible to delete posts; but it seems it is. I can't figure out how to delete this, though, so that's why I'm explaining this post...

      Navci answered xomya4ok that there were no pukisha sets coming with the dolls; but I told Navci to look further up this topic where Liria said the opposite. That's all. Just to explain my post that looks odd now that Navci's post is gone....

      (I hate it when posts that I've answered suddenly dissapear. It makes my posts look akward, wrong and unneccesary).
    5. It says on FL's website that there are NO black pukisha sets included yet when I read this thread it said the first order will include them as a gift.
    6. In the announcement that Liria quotes, there's a little piece that mentions the black pukisha set (the last line). It's available if you order a choco fullset before April 10th.
    7. I bet that since the offer of a black pukisha set is in such a limited time frame, they didn't bother putting it on the puki's webpage because they'd have to take it down a little while later. Since the black pukisha set is in the site pictures, it is something that will have to be clarified for customers that purchase dolls after the event. I admit it is confusing, but I suppose Fairyland expects people to read up on the event and it makes life a little easier for them.

      Edit: God... I've edited this twice realizing I keep answering the wrong question -_- I think I've answered this properly now