FairyLand Fairy Line Mini discussion part 6

Dec 27, 2019

    1. Defo getting the dragon. I think this will be the first MNF I keep, but I say that every time. Yet I haven't been this excited (dragons and horse hoof fantasy are my thing). But Fairyland's fantasy parts always look slightly off to me. Altis's parts were sooo huge and fluffy, Scarlett's butt was huge, but these dragon parts look proportional and neat. I love the way the feet bend and the tail is huge. The faceup looks nice too (finally no green or strange colors) and the clothes don't suck. I just can't get over how much I really love him!

      Kind of bummed they're not offering the violet though even though they advertised it. Guess I'll have to break out the dye. Who else is getting him?

      The video is up on Kim's FB page BTW!!!

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      This is a discussion thread for new type of doll with different body for Fairyland called Fairyline.


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    2. @Littlebirdzoom Congrats on your dragon! I think he’s amazing. I really like how sleek he looks in his fullset.

      I’m confused why they aren’t doing violet either. I thought maybe it was blushing, but it sure doesn’t look like it.
    3. I'm really tempted by him! I already have a fullset Altis (he's amazing, I love his legs so much!) and really liked the look of the realfee dragons when they came out, so very much considering putting this one on layaway ^^ If I cave I'll probably get a blank Erda with white dragon parts, though like you guys above I would have loved the violet as well :'c And my Altis has white legs too, but at least white is a good base for customising when the time comes! I've been thinking about dyeing his hooves dark grey - anyone have any experience unstringing (partially or fully) the faun legs?

      Curious to know what the Nanuri head will look like, too! When do they usually release pics, is it kept as surprise until it arrives or do they show it off later? (Still new to fairyland's way of doing things, Altis was my first from them!)

      Can't wait to see an army of dragons here!!
    4. I have fullset Erda and am sooo tempted by little Erda dragon! Normal skin boy with white suits me so I can paint his beastly parts how I like. I don't have any minifees or puki or fairyline. a bit confused which is which. Fairyline is different from minifee?
      I'm very curious about the vampire sleep head they send as a gift. I have so many gift heads, and there will be the Nanuri as well. (sitting unpainted in my parts cupboard.)
      Where did they talk about violet resin? Oh, well, not what I see for my guy.
      What clothes fit fairyline boys? slim msd? I wish he were coming with shoes instead of tall boots. so difficult to find everyday footwear for odd-sized dolls.
    5. @petiteballerine Fairyline and Minifee are pretty much the same size and appearance wise, the main difference is that Fairyline is engineered to easily swap out fantasy parts - they're strung to detach at the hips (and the female bodies have a complicated inner torso piece so you can swap arms and bust pieces). Most heads, hands, magnet feet/shoes etc are interchangeable between MNF and Fairyline, but MNF bodies can't use Fairyline fantasy parts like the Erda dragon legs or Sia arms. The male Fairyline body looks essentially the same as the MNF Motion Line, with some differences in the knee and thigh joints (and how it comes apart to use the fantasy parts). /end lecture, I think that's most of the important stuff but let me know if I missed anything you were wondering.

      The promo pics of Erda look like they used the grey-violet resin they offered for the Altis faun parts for the Erda dragon legs, but that isn't listed as an option to purchase this time, which seems kind of odd. It's a fun color! I like it because I'm terrible at painting parts and it only needed minimal work ^^; but white would be more versatile.

      Yeah, generally slim MSD is the size for both MNF and Fairyline. I definitely feel you about the shoes; imo one of the best things about fantasy feet/legs is not having to worry about footwear, haha. I wish they had images up of the gift heads! Usually they do sometime during the events, hopefully soon. I'm tempted too but I'd really like to know if I'd prefer to use the vampire gift head as his main head, so I could skip the sleeping head/makeup...[​IMG]
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    6. thank you so much, @Cennie . you answered my questions. wow, the violet is gorgeous.:hollyberry
    7. I also ordered an Erda dragon!~ I haven't had a Minifee/Fairyline in a while and though I did really want to get more someday I wasn't planning to so soon...but dragons are my ultimate weakness! I have been hoping for a dragon since the very first Fairyline was released! I just couldn't pass him up~ I'm so excited! :aheartbea

      I got mine in all white skin. I'm considering dyeing him a light mint green as its my favorite color and i've been saving it for a super special doll, but i'm also really loving the idea of keeping him white for a shiny opal/iridescent "Seath the Scaleless" sort of look haha~ I don't think I would have gotten him with the violet dragon parts even if they offered them, but it is a bit cruel of them to advertise it and not offer it. I'm probably not going to stick with the Erda head for him, I think there are other Minifee head sculpts I'd prefer, but he is very cute. I wonder if Hwayu might work as a boy...? I think her large fangs and ears could make her look very dragon-like.

      Can't wait to see the event head though! They do typically show them off a few days (or maybe a week?) after the even starts if memory serves, so hopefully they'll post them sometime soon~
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    8. The new dragon boy is gorgeous! I am significantly tempted by him, although I would like to see what the event head looks like. If I do end up going for him, I'd probably get normal skin with white dragon parts. I'd rather have the lavender though!

      In the meantime, here's Ymir being pretty in the sunlight. Trying new wigs on him.
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    9. Who am I to resist temptation? I ordered little Erda in normal with tan dragon parts. I want him more animalistic and manly with black and copper metallic highlights on his beastly bits. I love painting fantasy parts! I hope it's not a long wait. :cake: for those wating for something, have some cake. (we're all waiting for something!)
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    10. Photos of the event heads are up!
      The new Nanuri head looks a lot like Minifee Momo to me. I was kind of hoping i'd like it for my dragon over Erda, but I'm not sure it suits the character I had in mind. I do think it's quite cute though~

      @petiteballerine Congrats on your Erda! Black and metallics are always a good choice for a dragon I think! :bcake
    11. The Nanuri head is quite cute, although not for me. As much as I adore dragon stuff, I think I'll pass on Erda this time. Can't wait to see everyone's pics of him though!

      In other news, the great wig shuffle of 2020 has begun. I've decided that the long wig suits Elliot better of the two twins. XD
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    12. I don't generally do boy dolls, but the idea of buying the Erda dragon and the faun lower half to have him be a multi-shifter druid is ... sorely tempting. So very tempting.
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    13. I have to say that I am tempted by the Erda as I love my Faun legs, but I am hoping to one day get Momo so will hold out for her I think.
      [​IMG]Fairyland slumbers...
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    14. I recently fell for MNF Klaus after trying to decide for ages between Sircca, Maya or Mirwen for a tanned boy I'd like to bring home. :frownyblush: I don't know how he managed to steal my heart, but there you go and I can't stop thinking about his adorable face... @Magnus Vale Your boys aren't helping.. :XD:

      I do have a question I'd like to ask. I was looking at the FL website and he's only available as a basic package under Fairyline. Does this mean that they won't be releasing him under a la carte or is this something I need to wait for?
    15. I'd say wait for it, @kagami. the Fairyline girls (like Sircca) are available as regular a-lines too. Even though, I have to admit, I absolute -love- the male Fairyline body, its an extremely good poser, in my opinion far better than the 'regular' a/b/moe-lines.
    16. @meanae Thank you for that information! I'll probably wait it out a bit and see. What makes you say that? I have a regular MNF motion line boy body now and I already think he's amazing :XD: Do the FL bodies have different joint systems that aid in posing?
    17. @kagami Unfortunately, I don't have any other Fairyland boys to compare to, but I can definitely confirm that the Fairyline body poses like a dream! Sorry my boys keep tempting you, Klaus is a very nice sculpt. XD

      Apparently Elliot is now the bathroom goblin. (It has the best light in the house at night for pictures.)
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    18. @Magnus Vale Your bathroom goblin is adorable :XD:

      I'm now to tempted to get Erda for the dragon parts to go with this MNF Klaus that I'd like to bring home... omg all these decisions :o
    19. The fairyline has newly designed upper leg joints, which, as @Magnus Vale mentioned, pose like a dream. I've noticed that a/b/moe-lines have a kinda restricted movement there (especially standing with legs spread or holding their legs up on any way), which the Fairyline body holds perfectly. He also got mobility joints (a first for bigger dolls!) and can hug his knees to his chest :)
    20. Now I'm really confused. Was under the impression from the sales listing descriptions on the Fairyland site and DDE site that the FairyLine boy body is the Motion Boy body.

      If one orders from the A la carte Fairline Basic boy section, will the body be Motion boy style but with the human pelvis/legs that can be detached?

      When I bought my FairyLine Sia human her pelvis and legs were with the detachable engineering.

      Will someone who has a Motion boy body and a Fairy Line boy body post or direct me to any postings that compare them.

      Where can I see the mobility joint and knees hugging the chest pictures?
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