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Fairyland Fantasy Art Line (Part 1)

Aug 3, 2016

    1. #1 Xanadu Dolls, Aug 3, 2016
      Last edited: Aug 22, 2016
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    2. KuranYuuki, those photos have me squeeing in anticipation of getting my Rus! I especially liked the "scratching myself" pose! hehe
    3. That was a funny pose :D But also hard to do, because her legs don't really want to move sideward (I think, it's because of the joint between the two legs)
    4. Oh wow, the posing is just incredible!
    5. Oh my! I hope I have the patience to get mine to pose like that when mine arrives!! :thumbup
    6. My violet Rus came yesterday. Here you can see loads of pictures:
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    7. Looks like he's even made a furry friend! :)
    8. @KuranYuuki, I love your posing pics! The scratching one is awesome, I'll have to try to get mine to do that too.

      @Shirelae your violet Rus is a lovely color and I love the little photostory with the pukifees!

      Rus is actually my first Fairyland doll. I really like how they made Rus absolutely adorable and amazingly posable at the same time. It makes for a very fun dolly experience. I've never been so experimental with any of my other dolls' posing.

      Here's my Rus, Cookie. Unfortunately she decided to be a bit difficult and didn't want her picture taken. >.>
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    9. Thank you @taixonay . Cookie is adorable. I love the agro tan. Fairyland makes lovely dolls, but Rus is something unique all together. So many poses.

      Love the pink one too @kuuranyuuki. The upgraded eyes are so beautiful aren't they?

      @Kirahfaye yes, I like to involve my dog in pictures. Bonus cuteness. He is pretty well behaved around dolls, so it's safe. :)
    10. @Shirelae these eyes are really beautiful, but scary! Every time, when I eat something, I feel that she's staring me, and thinks "that's why your diet doesn't work!" When I tried normal eyes for some houres, this feeling disappeared x'D
    11. Now it seems that Fairyland has already shipped violet, pink and agra tan Rus - I hope they'll make white ones next so that I can get mine. (It may take longer as I have other dolls in my order...)

      All the owner pictures are amazing. I never imagined such incredible poseability.
    12. My white Rus has been at DDE for about a week now. I paid off the remainder of my layaway some days ago, but didn't get a shipping notice or anything from DDE. Is this normal? Should I just expect my Rus to show up randomly? XD
    13. All these Hippogriffs arriving makes me super excited for mine to arrive! I ordered mine in Violet so hopefully he'll be arriving at DDE soon! XD
    14. I ordered my Rus in Agra tan, but all these violet and pink one's are making wish I'd gotten one of those instead!
    15. Oh my gosh all these pictures of the Hippogriffs. I'm literally so excited for mine. I ordered mine with a FS Haru so it'll be a while!
      The violet resin looks gorgeous!
    16. Wah - as I feared, seeing these owner pics is making me really regret not ordering. I just couldn't justify spending the money at the time, but now I'm wishing I'd scraped some funds together somehow. They're so amazing.
    17. LOL, diet buddy ;) Mine are upstairs, so they can't judge me when I'm eating. I'd probably put on the sleeping FP on then. Can't see me with your eyes closed. :p

      @Boussole : agra tan is awesome too. Plus most hippogriff pictures involve brown colors, which helps with looking for reference pictures for a paint job. If the feeling persists, you might be able to trade with someone who feels the same, but has a different color.

      @NoDivision : I know the feel! I've had the same with other dolls. Hopefully one will pop up on the secondhand market for a reasonable price, so you can still snatch one up.
    18. These pics are awesome! So glad I ordered the Violet after seeing these. Love your puppy too. :aheartbea

      Perhaps you should rename your Cookie as Bashful?? :) The Agra Tan ilooks good enough to eat ... really chocolatey.
    19. I ordered an Agra Tan and have yet to get a shipping notice so I don't think they have processed all of them, but I have a couple more months on layaway so I don't mind being patient.