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Fairyland Feeple Discussion

May 26, 2010

    1. I've been doing some searching, and there doesn't seem to be a discussion thread for these dolls (if there is one and I missed it, please feel free to delete this). I thought it would be fun to have one ^-^ So if you have one of these gorgeous dolls, you can talk about them here. :D
    2. This is a great idea! Let's try to bring some life to this thread! I have a Feeple Ashley!

      Here's Enara!
    3. Woow..why is there are only few?
      Poor feeple..(cause puki now reach thread 11..xDDD)

      Your girls are beautiful!
      I never imagine Ashley can be so beautiful..

      I hope there is boy spams soon..like Iden, Riff, Breakaway..:)
    4. Sadly all I own is a Feeple Nanuri '08 head. Poor guy doesn't even have a face, let alone a body. Hopefully I will eventually get a 60cm body for him. I'd love to have one of the Feeple bodies, but currently I have no one who wants to be that tall.
    5. I know what you mean! I loove the Feeple boy bodies, but I just wish they had a 60cm line. I know it's discussed all of the time...>_> But, that's something that'd really put FL over the top lol.
    6. :bump

      I'm interested in the poseability of Feeple bodies. Are they as poseable as CP/Luts 60cm bodies or MNFs? :?

      Mind posting pics of them in all kinds of poses? I'm thinking of getting a Feeple body for my Yuki MNM head.

    7. Technically feeple does have a 60 cm because all its dolls are made by CP so the delf bodies fit the feeple heads and the feeple bodies fit the delf heads with 100% perfect resign match according to the site. I found this out when I stalked the site in my quest to get me an Iden. :kitty2
    8. Hmm. That's true. >_> Lol. I didn't think about it like that. One thing that I would absolutely love is if they came out with a larger clothing selection for their feeple line!
    9. Yeah, they definitely need to make more clothes for them!
    10. Why is this thread so dead? ;___; i was hoping to see lots of beautiful feeples...
      I'm getting my first Feeple girl soon. <3

      Does people just dislike feeples or...? :(
    11. [​IMG]

      Feeples are gorgeous! My girl is a little hard to clothe due to her unusual size, but I don't think I'd trade her for a shorter doll; I love her long lean body!
    12. I love the Feeple girls! I'm thinking of saving up for one of them, but I can't decide between Cali or Rona. Some days I'd be an absolute Rona fan, and then on other days I'd be all pro-Cali. Sadly I can't get them both, but I'm sure I'll come to a decision on which girl I love more someday.
    13. Oh yay Comments <3

      Snowgray: How gorgeous girl <3 I'm getting Cali sleeping myself. I'll try to do my Cali's clothin myself :D Is there any comission artists who can sew for your girl?

      Satyrsmoon: Both molds are gorgeous! I think you'll love your girls if it's Cali or Rona ;D

      (My english is quite bad..Sorry for that!)

      I just want this Thread to come alive... Feeples are so gorgeous, and they need more love.
      There in finland is just 2 Feeples.. :(
    14. I don't think its that people dislike them, I think its just because they're still relatively new.

      I have to admit, I'm planning on getting a couple of Feeple bodies for my Minimee heads, but I'd STILL like to see some Feeple boys!

    15. I plan to get me a feeple boy as soon as october when I have enough money. Why must they be so much T ^T
    16. Ryu: Those bodies truly are amaizing ;D You're having good taste ;D

      Voidinoblivion: 8O !! Feeple is quite espensive. But it's worth it ;D I'll be looking to see your gorgeous boy soon then <3

      I'm getting my girl tomorrow and i really can't wait <3

      We shall spread more Feeple love <3
    17. I want to get a SD couple. I love my minifees ( I have 3 ^_^) so I'm really thinking about getting feeple. It was either a feeple couple or D.O.T. couple. Which do you think is better?
    18. Twilighterleah: Feeple couple for sure! These dolls have absolutely amaizing bodies and they pose like a dream <3 D.O.T can't win these lovelies ;D I'm very picky about bodies and all i want is best.. So feeple it is then <3 D.O.T Body isn't so estetical. Go to fairyland site and take a look at feeple body's posing skills and be amazed.

      I got my girl yesterday. She's so tall and freakin' beautiful <3_<3 I'm completely in love with her...

      I'm getting a girlfriend for Sylvia (Feeple)... I ordered a luts delf girl yesterday <3