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Fairyland FeePle Iden and Rona Discussion

Feb 6, 2009

    1. L I N K S

      Fairyland has released two new FeePle dolls, one male and one female and I'm eager to know what everyone thinks about them. :) Personally I think I might be in love with Iden ( something about the bad boy in spikes and leather look ) which is always bad news for my poor wallet.

      Weigh in and discuss~
    2. I am loving Iden, he is perfect for a character I have but its a money issue for me as well. I'm loving the full set but will probably have to settle for just the doll.

    3. They both look lovely. Feeple have produced excellent work, as always. :)
    4. I'm totally in love with Iden. :D

      The fullset is awesome. I also love the fact that his face resembles Shushu, who I am also in love with. I can't believe I was on the Fairyland website yesterday and I almost went for Ashley...the gods must be smiling on me.
    5. I am pretty picky about girl dolls, but I think Rona has a beautiful face. Iden reminds me of an older seorin. :D They are both gorgeous but 67-70cm is a little tall for me. I'm curious if anyone has put a feeple head on a 60cm (delf?) body.
    6. Iden. Want. LOTS. AUGH. XD;; I do believe Fairyland has just SOLVED my problem of finding a proper mold for a very specific character of mine. I'm very excited XD He's jumped molds so many times, but i love Iden so much o_o and i only found him five minutes ago XD

      Granted, he won't be coming home for quite a while, i'm stll very pleased =D

      Dawndusk: The heads DO fit, they're very compatible. If you look here you can see FL's post indicating that delf heads can fit on feeple bodies. It works the other way around, too. Just one thing though, the feeple head has a tendancy (at least on my nanuri 08) to be just a hair too big in th eopening, so theres a slight bit of wobble. But i'm sure that can be fixed easily somehow.
    7. *squeaks* :o

      Okay, yeah, I need Iden. XD
      May get the full package (unless it sells out for good before late Summer-ish when I'd be able to get him, if they can't get a component or something like with a couple previous full sets) as that outfit rocks! X3 I'm definitely getting him, though, either way. *__* So cute! :whee:
    8. First thought that came to mind when I saw these two was "OMG Love-Children!" :o I know that some CP sculpts look similar, and when I saw these two new Feeples I immediately thought:

      El + Chiwoo = Iden

      Nanuri 07 + Lishe = Rona

      Or am I just nuts for thinking this kind of stuff? I LOVE Iden so much!! He's gorgeous! :D:D:D:D
    9. I'm just not feeling Rona... perhaps it's because there is no good close up of her face without that scarf wrapped around her head... jaw line and ears are important to me when choosing a sculpt. I guess I will have to wait on owner pictures for her.

      Iden however, I like very much!
    10. I DEFIANTLY agree on the el+chiwoo=Iden. =o~ The combo is so gorgeous XD

      Ah, fairyland. They just love claiming my future income before its even in existence. >>;;

      Note to self: Tax return should not be used on resin. Should not be used on Iden. Sould be used on other necessary things. Like new skates. So i dont end up breaking an ankle or something. But Iden's so perfect~ >>;;;
    11. I think Iden looks like a grown up version of Seorin to me that is, Rona looks so much like Lishe it's not even funny, could ruin my plans for getting another doll later on, right now I am broke after paying bills*_*
    12. Love the eyes, the paint is so dark though. Even for a bad boy. Love the outfit.
    13. I like the feeple size and body but I am so wishing for an oriental/asian head for this body.
    14. Oh, no, I like Rona, esp. her dress!
    15. I could see myself getting a Rona head on a 60cm body in the future. She's got a gorgeous face!
    16. Rona takes my breath away! The all white theme and her sweet gentle face just pull at my heart strings~
    17. I was wondering when they would be releasing more Feeples! I've (thankfully) avoided getting SDs, but Iden is sexy. :) I'd love to see him without such dark makeup, though, as it makes it difficult for me to really get a feel for his lips. XP For the most part, I agree on the El+Chiwoo, I guess, but I disagree with the Lishe+Nanu 07. For me, Rona looks like a completely new sculpt, with maybe a LITTLE Lishe around the eyes just in the face-on photos. She's lovely, though. :)

      Edit: I think I need comparison photos of the dolls. XD When I get home from work I'll pull all the doll combos up side by side. Both new ones are still gorgeous, though!
    18. Derilan85, I second your opinion, Iden looks much like a grown-up version of Seorin (thanks PsychoticElflet! ;) )
      They're both beautiful, but how I wished they would release the FeePle60s already, because I do like those heads, but would definitely prefer them on a 60 body :sweat...
    19. I believe derlian agrees with you, Sharkyra. I'm.. not sure. I can see that in him, but I don't see a direct relation to any of the other dolls, for either of them. I almost wanted to say Rona was an adult Rheia, but there are things not-quite-right about her face for that. I'd love to get them as a couple. And looking at them from similar angles, if I didn't have my heart set on Rheia for a particular character, I might tempted to buy them for my fraternal twins. XD

      Edit: I didn't realize the Feeple 60s were literally in the works. I'd love to see that too! Too bad. These heads would probably be too big for those bodies, huh?
    20. PsychoticElflet5, not sure whether they are in the works or not at the moment. I just hope they are :sweat. FL just made the terrible mistake (?!? ;) ) to anounce them back in August or September last year and ever since I'm still waiting for them. About size, well, I'm sure they will fit on a 60 body. Many here have put their FeePle heads on regular Delf bodies without issues... so I assume it should work with the FP60 once they are out just as well. :sweat