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Fairyland Feeple! Riff and Esther

May 18, 2007

    1. http://efdoll.dreamweb.co.kr/

      This is my articulate reply:

      OOOoooo. *_*

      Riff is right up my alley...I need to see body pictures of him PRONTO. :D

      Esther might take some getting used to for me, but I think it's her faceup, mostly.

      They look so TALL! :D


    2. Riff.


      AM I THE ONLY ONE THINKING ROCKY HORROR, HERE? XDDD He'd be kinda pretty, but he's got the right expression... XD'

      Still, VERY nice dollies. <3 The price tag is kinda steep for me, and...MAN...the LEGS on ESTHER. O___O' The legs themselves are almost as long as an MSD is tall! But lovely. I do like Riff. <3
    3. Is there a reason why Riff looks exactly like CP's Shine? ._.a

      Edit: Oh, they're sculpted by the same people. Weird. <_< So basically just taller versions?
    4. Yeah... they have the same photo background and style as Luts has for Elf chiwoo...
      I REALLY want to see esther's body! It looks really pretty from what I can see, but I would need a different head ^^
    5. Yeah, I thought Riff looked like an older Shine too. :) His eyes are scaled smaller, which I like, but he still has the look. :)

      I'm asking for body photos, as well as whether the skintone matches the Delf line. :)

    6. Agreeing to the 'older Shine' look on Riff.
      I also want to see teh boooodies! :XD:

      Hmmm, 70 cm boy who seems to be, head-wise, in scale with Delfs...available in (beautiful) white skin? *_*

      Oh yes, I'm sold. XD

      ...not that I have the money right now. <_< ;
    7. The tall girl intrigues me. I'd like to hear owner reviews comparing her body to the mature Delf body, and a list of what clothes fit her well. Would also like to know how Delf heads fit on it.
    8. I love the faces but the thing that bothers me with these larger dolls is that they are just so thin and lanky. Why don't they make them more normal in proportion? Maybe they can't, i don't know. But i have yet to see a tall doll that does'nt look like it has been on a hunger strike - where are all the curves?
      This is only MHO and i love these two but i doubt that their bodies will be to my liking.
    9. so i wasn't the only person who though 'shine' when i saw Riff? gd

      he looks likea big older version of Shine, probs older than the senior delfs?

      tho when i saw the name i thought Riff from Godchild ^^ (tho it is from rockyhorror show)

      the girl is pretty i like her she pose, but the thing that bothered me is she looks so angry. the sharp eyebrows and the pouty look. are the new dollies pouty then?
    10. Okay...Esther looks too alienish for me (long thing neck on a V-shaped head) but Riff looks nice! He's clothes are amazing!
    11. Yukinojo Sawaragi. Dollstown 15 boy. Unidoll boy.

      I imagine these dolls are tall and thin because Delfs are already fairly tall and thin. The thinness will also ensure some other size clothes fitting, whereas a fat tall doll would have nothing to wear.
    12. I absolutely love the boy! He's pretty. :) The girl frankly scares me. That neck is so long, with that expression.... :shudder She looks alot like Lishe, I thought.
    13. They're very intriguing. Those legs go on for miles! I'm very curious how the bodies look, though. Here's to hoping they put up pics soon.

      Riff does look a lot like Shine. But if it's by the makers of the DELFs, then it makes sense that there may be a similarity.
    14. they look like cp dolls O_O

    15. Thats because they are sculpted by Cerberus Project.
    16. If people want to know, I asked a few questions on their board:

      Anrui Ukimi wrote :
      >I really like how they look, I would like to see the bodies unclothed, however. :) And would skintones match the Delf line of dolls?
      >Thanks a lot!

      Hi, Anrui!
      We are currently working on the photos of unclothed bodies. We will upload the photos as soon as they are ready.
      Skin tones should be same as the Delfs, but as there is minor variation of Delf skin tones depending on the manfacturing date, FeePle skin tone may not match the skin tone of Delf that was manufactured some time ago.
      Thank you for your inquiry, and have a good day!


      :) I wonder what Abadon's head would look like on that body....HMM.

      Oh yes...did anyone notice that Esther is wearing the same dress in her promo pictures as Juri 06 wore in her/his? :D I am amused.

    17. Thats great! Thanks for sharing that information.

      I can't wait for more information, and pictures on these dolls.

      Yes, I did notice that was the same dress Juri was wearing!
    18. now ic... :D
    19. Wow, I just noticed that her feet are not huge! Most 70 CM girls have to wear boys shoes, and even those don't always fit. That can be a good thing, or a bad thing. Many shoes are options for her, but I wonder if she can stand, or if her feet are to small.
    20. I LOVE ESTHER! Go for strong-featured female faces! She's really darling. She looks like she wants to rip out my still-beating heart and eat it! I love love love it.

      Riff, surprisingly, doesn't do anything for me, and I usually love tall boys. Mm. Esther is going on THE GRAND MASTER LIST that is too long for my own good.

      I thought Rocky Horror too. XD And then Count Cain.