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Fairyland Little Fee Ante Basic vs Ante Elf

Sep 25, 2009

    1. I'm trying to decide between a Fairyland Little Fee Ante Basic and the Ante Elf. Other than the ears, can anyone please tell me what the the difference(s) are, if any, between one and the other?
    2. if you're talking about face ups, the elf ante's brows are bushier and nearer to the eyes...which i HATE! argh.. i love the human ante's face up more
    3. I dont see a differance
    4. Your Ante on the right doesn't have a faceup. The faceup's different.
    5. I assumed she was talking about features and not faceup
    6. I'm sorry, I should have made myself clear. Yes, I meant if there were any differences in the face up.
    7. I am the opposite! I don't like human Ante at all but I actually thought the elf one was pretty. :>
      I don't think there is any difference in feature though, well, ears aside, I guess.
    8. The human Ante has a softer faceup than the elf.
      Here's my girl right after she arrived last year:

    9. I can see the different and for some reason i love the human ante face up more....i think it's more soft and cute...

      v fayerie : yay KTTT xDD <333
    10. navci>> however it was elf ante that went into the shopping cart hahaha coz the ears are just irresistable!

      Heiyan>> a little OT here... but.... KANGTEUK!!!!!!!!!<3
    11. I have a human Ante wich I love, but I also just did a spit for the new elf Ante. My gal is going to have moments when she turns into a fairy. Whole story around that :) I fell for the ears, too CUTE!!