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Fairyland Little Fee - New Moulds, Chiwoo, Lishe and El

Apr 10, 2009

    1. Argh! Why Fairyland?? If only I wasn't saving for a trip to Europe... >_< Chiwoo elf is so adorable!
      The Alice in Fairyland theme is cute, a tad over done imo, but El's outfit is pretty cute too~
      :D I'm still waiting for a Shushu Littlefee!
    2. I love the Chiwoo Elf the best...I'm glad I have more girl options as Ante and Flora don't seem to suit Guillaume as a sibling...but I'm glad she's a basic as I'm in no rush to order like I was with the Chocopuki.
    3. so these are going to be a standard line right? like the other littlefee's, full set is limited but the actual doll will always be available?
      Lishe is just gorgeous but I am already waiting on 4 dolls*_*
    4. Oh my gosh... I was hoping they wouldn't release more so soon... Eep.
    5. Yeah it means my Chocopuki order's probably going to be rushed and/or delayed.

    6. They are all cute..but I am satisfied with the four LFs I have now.
    7. *stares daggers* FOUR!?!?!?! LOL, *wants to be u rite now*

      I'm not sold on Lishe - she's a really cleverly sculpted miniature of her elder sister but her eyes seem a little too close together... but Chiwoo *dies*
      Thank heavens they aren't limited.... off to DDE now LOL
    8. DDD: no this is evil, i'm glad they are basic though! -don't like the outfits- But i'd love one someday :D
    9. They all look nice, but I don't find actual similarities where their mold was based. (Chiwoo, Lishe and El)
      Maybe, just a slight resemblance....
    10. Kill me now! LittleFee Lishe and El are so cute. After the Shiwoo, I knew they would come up with some more. Do you think LittleFee Miyu and Soony will be next? I am only safe cause they arent LE. So adorable. ~Gus
    11. My god...they are all so cute I might just have to get a Littlefee some day. I can't decide which one I like best...they're all adorable. Although I still think Ante is my favorite Littlefee.
    12. Oh Gosh.... A Soony LTF.... that would be the end of me..... I'm definitely throwing my hat in the ring for a GO..... hate the shipping costs *humpf*
    13. I woke up this morning and thought, "I wonder if FL has come out with a new mould." I don't know why, but I did. They just released new MNF, I knew they couldn't have released another MNF and I was right. NEW LTF INSTEAD. This is too weird. *Laughs*

      And an Elf basic! I'm lucky I'm not a fan of open-mouths, she's cute. The Alice theme for the El and Lishe fullsets is cute too. Also ironic, since I'm currently writing a story for my fiction class and it draws from bunches of fairytales, Alice included. :D

      Lishe is adorable. Definitely my favorite of the batch, which is odd since usually I'll go for the Elf first. :lol: She is just too cute, though. I've always liked Lishe (DF or MNF), just never enough to buy one for myself. Now I'm starting to wonder if I should. XD

      Bandersnatch-- I was just think about a Shushu LTF. *Laughs* I'd like to see if they do her justice in tiny-form.

      Aussie grrl-- All three will be standard, yes. They have the basic versions out now too, so no worries about them being limited. :)

      Edit: Wow. So many posts between me starting to type and posting the reply. Hahaha! A Soony Little Fee would be cute, but they haven't made her a MNF yet either. I'm wondering if they're basing the kids off of their Delf counterparts, or the MNF ones.

      dissonant-- The Pipi (as a girl) is still my favorite, too, but Lishe is coming in a close second place now.
    14. Haha...if they release a Miyu LTF I'd be sold (although these little guys don't look extremely like their older counterparts in my opinion). I think I'm going to end up with a Miyu in every size imaginable.
    15. Ante is still my favourite, but if they did do a LF Miyu I think id absolutley melt!!
      These three are cuties though but not for me ~ not that I could afford it anyway haha
    16. *headdesk* noooooooo I just talked my milk out of getting a little fee body... and then.. then they release the el... Fairyland you have dooomed me.. *watches her wallet sob*..

      and my wallet.
    17. I like that they don't look just like their MNF counterparts though...I don't like the MNF Chiwoo but the LTF one has stolen my heart!
    18. I need that el.. with the chiwoo dress.. *nods head yes* damnnit. now to find a split or group order.
    19. I MUST have the Lishe but I'm not certain that I really want the outfit. Not to mention, right now I am trying to save for Dolpa NYC and my dollie funds are very limited. These really are adorable and the Lishe really does capture the sculpt beautifully. IMHO