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Fairyland LittleFee Baby discussion part 1

Aug 27, 2017

    1. Hello everyone !

      Thanks to @ginarolo who made this thread upon my request :) @Rosslyn will be happy to hear about that I think ! :D
      Firtable, I'm sorry for my English, I'm french. But I hope you'll understand all the informations I'm about to give you, anyway. Don't hesitate on telling me if I'm not "clear".

      For those who don't know what's a Littlefee Baby, here is a picture of a LittleFee and a LittleFee Baby (made by Fairyland).


      You can clearly see the difference on their bodies. Littlefee Face plate can be put on the Littlefee Baby head / body.
      There are only two faceplate made for littlefee babies :



      And Rara:


      Here are the measurements made by Fairyland :) But, I have to say that I took the measurements on my own two littlefee babies, and I didn't find the same everywhere ...


      Afortunatly, Fairyland stopped producing those dolls at the end of 2013 / early 2014. I heard a rumor saying they were planning on produce them again, so I sent them an email one week ago, and the news aren't good: they are NOT planning to ...

      Finding them clothes is pretty hard, so, if anybody here own a LTFB and is making clothes / shoes for them, please, feel free to show us your work and tell us if you're taking orders !

      For everyone else, please, enjoy seeing all the LTFB that Den of Angels members own :D
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    2. Cool thread! You're always welcome in the Littlefee main thread, too, but this will be very useful for people with these Babies. You will be able to compare ideas about clothes and things that fit!
    3. Yes, you are totally right ! I hope all the littlefee babies owners will participate :D !

      I start by sharing a little photo of Liv, my Littlefee Baby Rara (tan). This is a picture with Instagram filter, but I love how it looks !


      And this is a recent photo of Simon, my Littlefee Baby Ruru (NS). No filter on this one ^^

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    4. Awwww...both so cute!
    5. Hi guys!

      Oh... Don't tell me I'm the only one owning littlefee baby?

      I'm sharing you a new photo of Liv ❤️


      Plus, for those who don't know, a petition has been made some months ago to ask fairyland to make LTFB again... Go sign it! :)

      Here is the petition : Sign the Petition
      #6 Cel1512, Aug 19, 2018
      Last edited: Aug 19, 2018
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    6. Oh my goodness ! I had no idea this thread existed. Thank you, Cel1512 for letting me know. I have so many photos of my LTFBs, it was hard to choose just one ! I'm glad there are others of you out there who love this adorable little baby, and I so wish FairyLand would bring them back.

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    7. Awwww what a beauty! What's her name?
      I'm very happy you join this thread! Don't hesitate on sharing more than one photo, it's always a pleasure!

      Yes, I'd like it too. Fact is that fairyland told me LTFB didn't get intention when they sold them... So they stopped producing them. Seems like the lady who made the petition contacted them too and they told her they would consider bring them back if we have 1000 signatures... We are still far away from that :(

      I can see your precious ones have very cute clothes! May I ask if you made them by yourself? It's so hard finding clothes at their size!
    8. Posted this on the LF thread, but here is my Maddie. I adore the LFB's!
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    9. Beautiful Maddie ! Her dress is fabulous, did you make it yourself ? I’m glad you joined this thread too ^^

      Seems like we all have tan babies !

    10. I'm not sure that I ever named this cutie! Wow.... 1000 signatures is a LOT. :aeyepop: It might be difficult to get that many! But we can dream! Yes, I made her little dress. I used to sew for LTFBs quite often ! Yes, it's very hard to find clothing for these little kids, especially since the factory no longer produces them. I'll watch this thread with interest to see how many still have these little dolls and might have to re-think my dolly sewing. :3nodding:
    11. Cel1512: Thank you! I did not make the dress, it is a Tonner Betsy McCall dress. (It is a luck fit, no others that I know of would fit around a LFB middle!) I can sew, but I have a 3 year old, and well, time for that is really rare for me at the moment!

      I hope all will share photos and to see more cuties on this thread! These really are some of the cutest dolls!
    12. More spam...
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    13. Spam to bump the thread and hopefully get more spam!
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    14. Yes... That's the problem :( I dont understand that, as those faces are soooo cute !
      I'm not even sure ever People on here owning one knows about that thread lol
      Oh yeah I think you should :D Id be interested lol
      I just commissioned a lady for some clothes. They're on their way home. I really hope they will fit Liv :)

      Oh yes, sewing takes some time...
      I'd love to sew clothes by myself and I actually made one t-shirt for Liv but my sewing machine has problems and I just dont know how to fix it...

      I'll be back when I have time to spam the thread too, with pictures of my sweet Baby !

      Yours are just amazing !
    15. your doll are so cuuuute !!

      and you are not alone , i have a littlefee baby too,

      but no time to take pictures right now...
    16. I just discovered that this size existed today! Everyone's dolls look adorable and I love that they are in scale with conventional Yo-SD-sized dolls. If the petition is still "alive", please let me know, I would be glad to sign it!

    17. Me too.
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    18. Me too I need one of those bodies!
    19. oh my! I love these littleFee babies!