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FairyLand LittleFee (Boy vs Girl) Difference in Parts??

May 12, 2009

    1. Im thinking about buying a littlefee.
      But first im curious ...

      Whats the difference between the boy & girl body?
      I think i saw in one pic the boy has a little peepee & the girl kinda doesnt.
      DO they not have angel bodies??

      And other then their private parts is their a difference in any other part of them, like the size of their chest, etc?

      Any help is GREATLY APPRECIATED <3!!!
    2. I don't have a boy LTF, but my girl actually has a little slit, like the larger dolls, to represent her genitalia. The boys, from what I can see in Fairyland's pictures, have an obvious bump for a penis. As far as chest size goes, it really looks to me like my Flora has the raised bumps of future breasts ;)

      They defininately are not genderless, like Pukis.
    3. Each gender of LTF has his or her own set of genitals. There isn't supposed to be a size difference between the two either. According to FairyLand, all the LTF measurements are the same.
    4. I think they only have small genitalia, and that's it - the rest of the bodies is the same.
    5. Thank You so much guys <3
      That helps my desicion alot!!!!! i really want a boy, but i need it to have the same size body as the girl.
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    6. :dohOpps sorry, thought you were talking about a mini fee!!! a senior moment here!!! LOL
    7. they are identicle :)
      I had both little boy is a little boy ..and the girl ..a girl but apart from that the body is identical :)
    8. The website notice, from when they were first introduced, says that only the pelvic part differs, the rest is the same.

    9. SO everything is the same but their tiny private part?
    10. That's correct, just some cosmetic detail on the pelvis piece--& I have one of each, so I can confirm it from personal observation. :)

      Ann in CT
    11. is it easy to mod?
    12. Schedule that New Haven meet, woman, and you can see for yourself! ;p

      There's not that much there, as it is only a symbol of "male."

      Ann the brat in CT