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Fairyland Minifee Carte choices

May 29, 2008

    1. Okay, so I'm not sure where to ask this, but I *think* this is the place, and sorry if I sound increasingly retarded for asking this but...

      FairyLand has confused me. So they've got their Minifee in the section for it, and then they've got the A la Carte, which features... a grand total of 4 different girl bodies. So, if you don't order a Minifee through the A la Carte, and order one through the regular Minifee section of the site, which body does she come with? :?
    2. All minifees come as beautiful line I believe, unless you order via a la carte. ^^

      The body differences are small bust and large bust between those two. I know Lishe comes with large bust and I think Soo comes with small, not sure about the others though, but I'm sure someone could tell you ^^

      Come to think of it, Fairyland COULD use this info on their site ^^;
    3. Hmm... in that case, anyone know if through the regular section which bust ShuShu comes with? *wants the large bust*
    4. shushu comes with the large bust. i believe that soo is the only one to come with the small bust.
    5. fenris-- Correct. Of the basic girls (non-limiteds), only Soo comes standard with the B-line small bust; all other girls come with the B-line large bust UNLESS you order A la Carte. So you should be golden. XD
    6. Thank you guys sooo much! <3 I luff you to death! That just made my day ^^
    7. ^_^ Glad to help! Can't wait to see your new girl, she'll be gorgeous. (<-- *Horribly biased*)
    8. PsychoticElflet5- Haha! I gotta admit to a pretty big bias concerning Twing~Keys, so I think we're in similar boats lol. It'll be a while 'till she come tho', 'cause the Nazi of Finances- (whoops! Did I say that? I swear I meant Mother), isn't letting me spend my graduation money, so I've still got another $200 to come up with *le sigh* Plus wait time for her to be cast... This whole waiting thing is killing me...
    9. XD I've been in the "waiting" boat for my grades to come in so I would know if I was getting a Puki Piki or not (my mother said she'd buy him for me if I kept my scholarship). I remember being so nervous and anxious for the wait for my Shushu; now I'll be doing it all over again for the Piki and a body for my floating Shushu vampire head! XD Hopefully I'll be ordering the next few days; just trying to sort out something with Fairyland before I order. ^_^