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fairyland new active line body!!! (NWS)

Feb 17, 2009

    1. hm i might stop hybriding my fl heads.

      is the new bodies only threw the ala carte system? or can you pic the body type when you purchase the doll the other way?

      also can you get a large bust with the chunkier thighs?
    2. considering they designate certain bodies to certain heads, it will probably still be the same, youve never been able to pick the body type, except through a la carte...

      a new head sculpt will probably be added for the new body, you know to sell some kind of limited or special... just guessing though, seeing as thats how fairyland has done things in the past

      yes you can choose the legs!!

      past head sculpts + new body = a la carte
    3. The cutie legs aren't new, they're the original A-line legs with a new name ;) Only the model-type legs are brandy new.

      In the first picture comparing the two legs, the angle the photographer used is totally different. In the model-legs picture the photographer is looking down at the legs and in the cutie-legs picture the photographer is looking at them straight on. This makes the model-legs look shorter when they're probably the same length as the cutie-legs.

      Well done FL, I love the improvements, but more accurate pictures would be fantastic ;)
    4. Actually I think they mislabeled them, because on the pics that show the whole bodies the cutie body has the legs which were labeled on the later pics as "model legs". I don't see why they would mix around the 'cutie' name, so I assume they only mixed up their labeling^^
    5. Dear customers,

      We are happy to announce the release of new body type for MiniFee Active Line A la Carte.
      Both boy and girl type A la Carte have been updated with one new body each, as well as a leg option for girl type. Previous body names remain the same to reduce any confusion, and new names are given to the new bodies only. However, previous leg type for MiniFee girl is now given a new name [cutie legs] and new leg type is named as [model legs].

      Because options have become more complicated, previous Active Line A la Carte product page will no longer be used. There will now be a separate Boy A la Carte product page and Girl A la Carte product page.
      Apart from the new body option, the other entire selection menu remains the same and there should not be any difficulty using the new product pages.

      Sale of new A la Carte starts today, but please note that it is not a limited product and we ask you to consider carefully before placing the order. We do experience initial order rush whenever there is a new product and shipping time is sometimes delayed as a result. Thank you for understanding.

      Also, as shopping mall administrators, we feel regretful that we always give such a short notice prior to the sale of any new products. It is also true that for a number of inquiries regarding possible new releases, which we receive all the time, the answer they receive are usually [we have no current plans] or [we do have plans but details are not confirmed yet]. These answers are given because while the product hasn't been materialized yet. We are unable answer otherwise until the sculpt is fully completed – which means that the time between the completion, photographing and actual sale may be short.

      Even the shopping mall administrators are not shown the sculpt before it is completed, but we can always pass on our customer's ideas and suggestions regarding new products. We ask for your understanding in this matter, and we will always make sure that every ideas and suggestions from customers are passed to the team.

      Lastly, we are experiencing slow shipping time for the orders received during the event period which ended in January. Although it had been mentioned in the event notice that the shipping could be delayed, during the event period we receive a sudden rush of orders especially the first week of event start. It may take 4 to 5 days just to process orders received on one single day of that week, which in turn delays orders received after that.

      We are currently responding to many shipping inquiries to the best of our ability. This still may not be very satisfactory, but we are putting as much resources possible to process the shipping. Normal shipping period is expected to return in near future. Thank you for your patience.

      MiniFee a la carte BOY (Active Line) http://dollfairyland.com/shop/step1.php?number=362
      MiniFee a la carte GIRL (Active Line) http://dollfairyland.com/shop/step1.php?number=361
    6. It's not a cutie body, just the cutie bust. It makes sense that they would put two new products together because we haven't seen them before. The Small Bust and Large Bust pictures have cutie legs.