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FairyLand New Years Event + pukipuki normal sales

Dec 20, 2007

    1. Dear customers,
      We are happy to announce the start of pukipuki normal release and New Years Event.

      New shipping policy will apply from now on. Please be aware of the changes.

      --- New Years Event Notice ---
      Period: December 20, 2007 ~ Jaunary 20, 2008

      Event Gift
      - Upon purchase of pukipuki Basic:
      Free pukipuki Winking Face (of selected type)

      - Upon purchase of pukipuki Full package:
      Free pukipuki Winking Face (of selected type) + Mitten hands

      - "Christmas Story of Piki and Sugar":
      Sale Price $500
      3 Free pukipuki Winking Faces + Mitten hands (2 pairs) + Victory hands (1 pair)



      Full Packages and "Christmas Story of Piki and Sugar" are not limited editions.
      However, due to difficulties in manufacturing handmade outfits only limited numbers are ready at one time.
      Unless additional production is made, sold out Full Packages will stay that way. We ask for your understanding.

      Processing time has been set to make sure that there will be no problem with shipping. We will try our best to ship the products as soon as we can once the products are ready.

      We will be updating separate sales for Magic Items in near future and we ask for your support.

      Thank you and happy holidays!

      New Full Package - Sugar Gift Fairy

      New Full Package - Piki Pink Baby


      Q. I placed my order in but didn't receive an invoice. How do I pay?
      A. Once your order is received, payment invoice will be sent to your email address within one to two business days. It is a manual process and can be slightly delayed.
      More information is available at FairyLand basic FAQ board.

      Q. What methods of payment do you accept? Can you take Paypal?
      Currently, only method of payment available in Fairyland English Shoppingmall is credit card payment via Eximbay.
      Limited amount of Paypal payments per month can be accepted. To pay using Paypal, complete your order by selecting credit card payment option, but write on Customer Request section if you wish to pay using Paypal.

      (EDIT) Q. What is grace period for payment?
      A. There is no fixed date for current sales. The sooner the payment has been received the faster your package will be processed.
      If the payment is extremely late and we have to cancel the order, a notice will be made and email sent to your account beforehand.
      However, preorders (not current normal sales) will be cancelled if payment is not made until December 30.

      Item questions
      Q. Are separate body parts available?
      A. Currently there are no plans for selling body parts separately.

      Q. Will you have separate outfits/wigs etc for pukipuki?
      A. Yes they will be updated some time in the future.

      Q. I can't add Transformation Face to my order. What's wrong?
      A. There was a slight problem with item registeration. It has been fixed now.

      Customers from Preorder Phase
      Q. Can I change items from preorder to current new item?
      A. No it is not possible. The processing jobs for preorders are already on the way, and the wigs and outfits are already manufactured accordingly.

      Q. Can I add items from current order to my preorder?
      A. Yes, adding items is possible.

      Q. I want to use mileage points from my preorder but I don't see it yet.
      A. If you want to use mileage points for already received pukipuki, but your order status has not yet changed to Shipping Complete with mileage points added to your account, please contact FairyLand.
      This is not possible if your package has not yet been sent out.

      Q. What happens to shipping fee if I want to combine preorder and current order?
      A. There are three cases
      1. If current order exceeds $600, shipping is free and not charged in the order form at all.

      2. If just one pukipuki was ordered in preorder & current order is less than $600 AND;
      2-1. combined price of preorder and current order is LESS than $600, shipping will be charged.
      2-2. combined price of preorer and current order is GREATER than $600, shipping fee will be automatically added in the invoice.
      You will receive this amount back as your mileage points.

      3. If preorder amount exceeds $600, shipping fee will not be charged on your invoice for your new order.

      You MUST include in your current order form your preorder number if you wish to combine the orders.

      Please note that combining orders will delay your shipping.
    2. Liria - Does Fairyland accept Paypal?

      I find their site a bit confusing on what payment methods they do and don't accept.
    3. Yes, Eximbay (credit card payment system) as well as Paypal is accepted.
      If you cannot pay using credit card and wish to use Paypal instead, select Email Invoice Payment (Credit Card) as payment option in the order form but ask for Paypal invoice in the Order Comment section.
    4. Liria I just ordered the full package Christmas Story of Piki and Sugar, but when I tried to paid is says credit card invoice option.
      Are they going to e-mail me something to pay with my credit card?
      I got my order number on an e-mail but no instructions on how to pay.

    5. FAQ has been added. Please refer to #1.
    6. I've just ordered a Puki Piki and Sugar, then realized the Christmas story set was a better deal. I have therefore put in a new order for this set and added the Pukisha faces with face up and wrote a note to cancel my first order. I hope that can be sorted out. Sorry for the confusion. I was too excited and ordered too quickly!!!
    7. Hello,

      I saw that new items have been put up for sale sepperately on the site.

      I do not see the victory hands or mittens available though, will these be up for sale sepperately on the site?

      Thank you!