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Fairyland "pukipuki" Preorder Event Information

Oct 22, 2007

    1. EDIT (December 6)

      Hello this is FairyLand.

      Firstly we would like to thank all our customers for supporting us in the first round of preorder.

      We know that many customers are looking forward to receive their Basic 2 and Full Package pukipuki, and it is very regretful to make this announcement.

      All the members of staff at FairyLand worked at our best to send the first batch of Basic 2 and Full Packages by the promised date and everything that we can do is ready.

      However wigs for 'pipi Red Bell', 'piki Strider' and 'sugar Bubblestripe' are being delayed due to some problems faced by our wig supplier.

      We sincerely apologize to the customers around the world, waiting for pukipuki to ship out.

      We are pressing the wig supplier as much as possible, but it seems like the stocks will become available between December 12 to 19, and shipping will be around December 20.

      Customers who have ordered one or more of the three Full Packages mentioned ('pipi Red Bell', 'piki Strider' and 'sugar Bubblestripe') will need to select of the following options.

      No. 1: Receive Full Package minus wig first, and have the wig sent out on December 20 separately.

      No. 2: Delay the shipping to December 20.
      With this option, to thank our customers for waiting, we will send Magic Item 'pukipuki Mitten Hands set*' as a gift.

      This does NOT apply to customers who have ordered Basic 2 or 'pipi Snow Puki' and not other Full Packages in first preorder, nor any customers ordering from second preorder, nor customers who have ordered in both first and second preorder and are having the packages sent together as the second batch.

      Basic 2 will have mohair wig as a part of random wig included in the package.

      'pipi Snow Puki' has mohair wig as default wig component.

      Mohair wigs were produced from different company and there is no problem with supply.

      We FairyLand are also suffering loss from making multiple shippings because of delayed wig supply, but it would be great if you could think of this option offer as our sincerity for not being able to meet the promised shipping date.

      Please write on our Request Collection Board (click) with following information.
      - FairyLand Member ID (not applicable to customers ordered as a guest)
      - Order Number (if multiple orders are being shipped together, only one order number is necessary)
      - Selection : no. 1 or no. 2
      Please post as a secret option.

      If we do not receive request we will automatically count the order as no. 2 (shipped on December 20 with 'pukipuki Mitten Hands').
      We ask for your understanding with this matter.


      * Mitten Hands do not come painted and are same skin tone as the doll.
      Mitten hands are only given out to the three affected Full Packages for first batch. (pipi Red Bell, piki Strider, sugar Bubblestripe)
      For example, even if 10 pukipuki are ordered, if only one applied Full Package is included in the order, only one pair will be given.

      Once again, we apologize for the unexpected delay with some products for first preorder. Thank you.



      The first lineups for 'pukipuki' include three fairies, puki 'pipi', puki 'piki' and puki 'sugar'.

      Preorder is arranged so the customers around the world can benefit from it as much as possible.
      We have faced many difficulties with internal discussions in order to provide our customers around with good discount price.

      The preorder is composed of three separate types, Basic 1, Basic 2 and Full Package.

      For components and price information about each type please refer to the table below.

      Each set is comprised with discounts (compared to buying individual items) and options suited to customer's convenience.

      Also, all customers ordering pukipuki during the preorder period will receive following
      Preorder Special Gifts!
      1. Pukisha Transformation Sleeping Face (the ultimate completion of pukipukisha ^-^)
      All customers will receive pukisha Transformation Sleeping Face (which was planned to be on sale later at $30).

      2. Basic Mileage Points 2% + Special Milege Points 3% (Total 5% accumulation)
      (ex : Basic 1 ($2.76) + Special Mileage Points ($4.14) = Total $6.90 points saved)

      3. EMS shipping is free for all customers ordering two or more pukipuki.

      4. Customers ordering 3 or more pukipuki will receive
      Basic Mileage Points 2% + Special Milege Points 3% + Extra Special Milege Points 5% (Total 10% accumulation)
      (ex : $13.80 points saved for each Basic 1 (which means you can get an extra free pukipuki if you order 10 ^-^;;)

      5. All customers placing order during the preorder period can have cheaper EMS shipping with EMS Area coupons.

      :: Components for each versions ::

      ★ Basic 1 Price : $175 → $138(Special Preorder Price)
      1. Default pukipuki (Select from puki 'pipi', puki 'piki', puki 'sugar' + 8 mm Acrylic eyes)
      2. Extra Sleeping Face
      3. Optional hands
      Preorder Gift: pukisha Transformation Sleeping Face

      Optional: makeup, pukisha Set (kitty ears, hands, feet), pukisha Transformation Face, pukisha Lucky Punch, pukisha Wingtop Boots

      You can purchase the wigs and outfits that will be updated later separately.
      * Saving $37 + Special Gift $30 + Special Mileage Points $6.90 = Preorder Benefit of $73.90

      ★ Basic 2 Price : $192 → $158(Special Preorder Price)
      1. Default pukipuki (Select from puki 'pipi', puki 'piki', puki 'sugar' + 8 mm Acrylic eyes)
      2. Extra Sleeping Face (of the default pukipuki selected above)
      3. Optional hands
      4. Wig (random)
      Preorder Gift: pukisha Transformation Sleeping Face
      Basic 2 Gift: pukisha Lucky Punch (*pukisha Lucky Punch will be on sale later at $8)

      Optional: makeup, pukisha Set (kitty ears, hands, feet), pukisha Transformation Face, pukisha Wingtop Boots

      Basic 2 is the product with advantageous contents.
      This product is recommended to customers who can make outfits themselves, or already have similar sized outfits.
      *Saving $37 + Special Gift $38 + Special Mileage Points $7.90 = Preorder Benefit of $79.90

      ★ Full Package Price : $270 → $230(Special Preorder Price)
      1. Default pukipuki (Select from puki 'pipi', puki 'piki', puki 'sugar' + 8 mm Acrylic eyes)
      2. Extra Sleeping Face (of the default pukipuki selected above)
      3. Optional hands
      4. pukisha Set (kitty ears, hands, feet)
      5. Default face makeup
      6. Wig (random)
      7. Outfit set
      Preorder Gift: pukisha Transformation Sleeping Face
      Full Package Gifts: pukisha Lucky Punch + pukisha Wingtop Boots (will be on sale later at $9)

      Optional: makeup for sleeping head, pukisha Transformation Face

      (Each outfit sets are all hand made and the numbers are limited.
      Full Package sale will end when the outfits are no longer available.
      Also, there may be some differences in color or details of the actual products to the photographs. We ask for your understanding in this matter.)

      By purchasing the Magic Item 'pukisha Transformation Head' with the Full Package, you will be able to enjoy everything that "pukipuki" can offer.
      *Saving $40 + Special Gift $47 + Special Mileage Points $11.50 = Preorder Benefit of $98.50

      We ask for your support and participation in FairyLand's Run~! Run~!! pukipuki Preorder Event with Special Discounts, Special Gifts and EMS shipping discounts!



      Please check FairyLand Shopping Mall Notice Board for any updated information and notices.


    2. Updated images and official notice from Fairyland
    3. Do you know when they will be released, and any idea of the price? Also, will the sleepy head come with them or will it be a seperate doll?
    4. Preorder will start around November 1. Full details about pricing and items included in the package is not yet finalised.
    5. Thanks for keeping us informed! I think I must have a couple of these darlings! Do you know if we will have a choice of skin colors?
    6. Is the one with jelly beans Sugar? *_____________*

      and what size eyes do they take in? when you say magnetic caps, does it mean the headcaps too?

    7. New photos are added to the website. Please visit Fairyland website -> Introducing pukipuki (icon on left hand side) for viewing!


    8. very pretty pictures :)

      it would be nice for some basic body shots of the nude doll ,
      so we could see what we were buying ,
      I do like to know what the torso is like , hip joints etc

      the site says PayPal is unavailable .as from the 08 month ...is it available now ?

    9. More photographs of pukipuki will be updated this week. ^^

      FairyLand's main Paypal account is still under restriction, like many other Korean companies. However if the customer cannot pay by credit card and has to use Paypal, we do have an alternate Paypal account.
    10. Will a price be posted this week as well? I'm very interested. <3
    11. Photos of pukipuki bodies are updated at FairyLand website!
    12. Any idea about price yet??
    13. I'm sooo into Pukipuki!!! Will they be limited releases or not? And will the outfits and extra kitty parts be included??? Woooww!!
    14. Are their feet magnetic?

      No matter what, I'm getting one. They have to be the most adorable (and poseable!) tinies I've ever seen!
    15. I'm not sure how much you know right now, Liria, and how much you can find out, but do you know if custom painting will be available for the optional parts? The little one in the barbarian outfit has painted hands and feet, it would be very nice if this was a service offered ^^
    16. Info on Preorder finally updated! Sorry about the wait >,<

      Photos of Magic Items pukisha Lucky Punch, pukisha Wingtop Boots and pukisha Transformation Face will be updated next week.

      They are regular release, and the outfits and extra kitty parts are included in Full Package.

      The feet, as well as hands and face plate are magnetic.

      I have asked the admin about it, but unfortunately FairyLand won't be able to provide optional parts paintings.
    17. Thanks Liria!

      Will the Fullsets be limited, or standard? I notice it says the clothes and wigs will be available to buy at a later date...

      And will the normal prices be in place as of December 11th?
    18. If we wish to order faceups for the sleeping and transformation faces, how much would that be? I can't seem to find a price anywhere.