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Fairyland PukiPuki rules

Feb 4, 2011

    1. Hi everyone !

      I was just reading the manual for PukiPuki's on fairyland's website and one of the caution guidelines kind of confused me, it said that the putty for their eyes are made of petroleum so if it touches your skin wash with water immediantly, does that mean that the putty for them should not be touched at all with bare hands cause its toxic or something? Its probably really obvious but its kind of scarying me ^-^'

      Thanks Guys! :)
    2. I don't know...just don't put your hands in your mouth after handling the putty...and i guess it could irritate skin. I usually use different putty anyway.
    3. I guess I must of skipped over that section! But if it's made of petroleum it means it's oil based? Isn't oil supposed to be bad for 'resin'? Now I'm confused!
    4. I think the excat sentence says something like the putty acrylic eye fixer is made of petroleum so if it comes in to contact with ur skin wash hands immediantly so is it atually talking about some chemical for the putty then?
    5. Ah i think i have the answer! i asked my mum and she said petroleum is like the petroleum jelly in vaseline so its not dangerously poisonous to touch normally its just if you are allergic to it because you dont know, so its just to cover themselves in case you are allergic, so i think i was just abit paraniod hehe. Did think it was abit odd making something in a doll really poisonous when its only putty! ^-^'

      sorry if i scared anyone else just wanted to make sure you know.
    6. I've just ordered my first doll and she's a pukipuki. Thanks for clearing that up XD
    7. Hehe thats okay I have ordered one too so I was pretty spooked when I saw that lol.