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Fairyland pukipuki shoes...?

Feb 2, 2011

    1. now Im soon to be getting an pukipuki, and was wondering if the toy doll Polly pocket shoes would fit them.

      I saw a few pictures where a pukipuki was wearing shoes that are, if not very Similar to the polly pockets shoes.

      and for people who dont know what the shoes are, they have a rubber feel, and can stretch.

      so if anyone could help me out with this question that would be so great, cause I cant reall,y make them shoes and dont want to pay twenty dollars for shoes if they can wear ones that I already have. :sweat
    2. If I recall correctly, aren't polly pockets pretty tiny? Pukis can wear Barbie Kelly shoes. If you polly pocket shoes are about the same size or a little large, they should fit.
    3. No Polly Pocket shoes are far too small. My daughter has a ton of Polly Pocket items and they would never fit a Puki. Modern Flatsy shoes will fit Pukis too if you can find those.
    4. I have shoes that were made for Macchi but Ruby Red Galleria has shoes, the Kelly shoes fit, Boneka makes shoes as does Fairyland.
    5. As mentionned earlier Barbie Kelly shoes fit well, you can usually find them on sale on Ebay, often several pairs at a time for not a lot of money.
    6. Just thought of another source. DollB has Puki sized shoes for a reasonable price.
    7. Yeah but they closed so you can only get them secondhand.
    8. They're reopened (dollb) on etsy!
    9. Also...would anyone know if the fancy nancy shoes or clothes would fit pukipuki?
    10. polly pocket shoes are not going to fit pukipuki, they are way too tiny for them, I do have a few polly pocket shoes, but none of them fit :( kelly shoes will do the job :)
    11. Most of the Kelly shoes fit pretty well. :)
    12. only downside is with Kelly, you have to take your puki's feet off to get the feet out of the more form-fitting shoes. And Kelly boots fit better without feet lol
    13. One answer to the Kelly shoes is to glue magnets into the shoe itself and just stick the leg in without the foot! Works perfectly. (Not good for sandals, of course, the but Kelly sandals seem to work fine anyway.)
    14. Thank for idea, maybe ok : -)
    15. There are lots of shoes on Ebay. I just do a search for "puki puki" and find lots of them that way.
    16. Does that kind of mean we can glue magnets to any type of shoes for Pukipuki's though?