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Fairyland PukiPuki WIGS THAT FIT

Mar 19, 2011

    1. [​IMG]

      OK guys.... this is it. I would like to compile ONE THREAD wherein there are pics of wigs that actually FIT a pukipuki (without a lot of hullaballoo, reworking, glue, tape, cement, etc.) and then I will put this info into the wiki for all posterity.

      I'm sure all of you have bought wigs you were TOLD would fit a pukipuki, only to find out they are huge as freakin' heck or even too small, gee whiz, and don't stay on. :| You might notice I don't even have Fairyland's own wigs on here - my Sugar wig is HUGE, falls off if you just pick the doll up. Humph.

      So let's see if we can get our experts to weigh in. Please provide the name, the website if applicable, and if you DID have to do anything to it to get it to stay ON.

      From Left to Right:
      1) Jinkies (pong) in a MonstroDesigns wig (on etsy). It is a little small but with some gentle tugging, it fits better now. I have other monstro wigs and sometimes they are a bit small and sometimes too big. But I'm sure it's nigh impossible to sew this small, so I will put them on the list as being a good source for puki wigs.

      2) Lolly's doll in a Geinie Lillica wig (probably impossible to find but it stays on pretty well, the inside of the wig cap is sort of rubbery, which is why I think it stays on)

      3) Sparrow - in an orange Parabox wig http://www.parabox.jp/eng/wig-01.html this wig is a TINY bit big but it does stay on well considering, not like other wigs that, literally, fall off as soon as you touch the doll

      4) Lolly's little Soso -- NOTE, her Soso is on a pukifee body. Wig by Harumika, from a Harumika Mannequin doll. You can find them in some TRU shops and on ebay. Beware it will STAIN and ALSO IT IS TOO SMALL FOR A PUKI. But since her Soso was in the pic, I wanted to acknowledge it. Fits her EXTREMELY well, has a stretchy headcap. Beware also, NOT all Harumia mannequins have wigs, some are rooted.

      5) Juniper Snowpea, who was NOT invited into the shot since her wigs are too small for pukis, but she sidled in anyway before I noticed. :|

      Let the games begin! :fangirl:

      Please everyone - let's make this instructional, can we keep the squee to a minimim? Thank you!!!!!!!!
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    2. Hi Sher,

      I agree with Lolly, making this thread was a great idea! It can be so frustrating when even Fairyland's own wigs don't stay on the little bugger's heads that they themselves manufacture! Argggghhh! :doh But I do have an Ashes style wig that I got from from Jpop (www.jpopdolls.net), that fits my Pukipuki Chocolate Cupid (Kahlua) just great. I think these might be Monique made wigs, and although the French Ink shade I bought is sold out, Jpop does still show two other colors available on their website. I'll try to add a picture of Kahlua modeling this Ashes wig in the next day or two.

      Juli DC :)
    3. I use a Lilica wig I got with Fee for Indigo, it's from AngelRegion (now Soom). It fits great. You should be able to use Volks Dollfie Plus wigs as well. Amy's wig is a Tinybear mohair wig, and I know 1mim also makes wigs for Puki.

      I got my Sugar's wig from the now nonexistant Poshdolls a gazillion years ago. She was a great source for smaller wigs.

      I use Aileen's Tacky Glue to keep wigs on.
    4. Great idea for a thread! Pukipuki wig search can be so troublesome ^^.
      Has anyone tried Glib 3-4 inch wigs?
    5. When I still had my Pukis I had the boy in a 4-inch wig from Parabox, and it fit really well. Your mystery orange wig might be a Parabox wig as well!
    6. See Sher...I think it's personal preference because your Pukis' wigs look kind of small to me. Macchiato's wigs are all from Fairyland and fit well with Velcro. this one is my favorite though:

      Thanks Spampy! by reinedelaseine14, on Flickr
    7. I have a 4 inch short mohair Parabox wig that fits my Puki and stays on great without any help, but it could be a rare anomaly. I also have a Tabloach wig that fits perfectly due to the stretch in it, and that's pretty much the only two Puki wigs I've ever been able to get to stay on! I had an unidentified auburn natural fur wig which was gorgeous, but no matter what I tried it would never stay on, including dampening it down on the head so that it would "mold" itself. Not to mention it dragged the ground, lovely as it was.

      Great thread!
    8. Hmm lets see: On my Ruby I have her fullset default from FL which was a bit loose but a velcro dot has helped with that.
      My Pong is wearing a commissioned Purple fur wig from Akasarushi™ Which fits beautifully!
      My Sugar is wearing a wig from JpopDolls but I don't know which one it is as a friend bought it for me, it's a long black one with a fringe/bangs. This is a little on the small side but is stretchy however it stays on with velcro.
      My Mary is wearing a wig from MonstroDesigns and fits okay
      And my Cupid3 has his fullset default from FL. It's a little too big but the hat keeps it on well.
    9. I agree that it is kind of personal preference on some, depending on if you use something to keep your wigs on and how well you want them to fit. I use a silicone wig cap on the majority of mine.
      Clockwise from top left:
      *Dreaming Lily has the Fairyland black bob and it stains so I have to have a wig cap which also keeps it on as it likes to pop off.
      *Madeline is wearing a MonstroDesigns Faux Fur wig which fits perfectly with no help needed.
      *Ante is wearing a wig by Fatiao (on evilbay), which is cute but has a very shallow wig cap and even the silicone wig cap doesn't always keep it on.
      *Pong is wearing a Monique size 4 and I do have a silicone wig cap on her (more to keep it from staining as red has that tendency), but Monique wigs are awesome as they are stretchy so it fits perfectly.
      *Ruby has the wig from the Caramel Lily Fullset, but again the wig cap is very shallow so I have to use a silicone wig cap.
      *Tasuki (my boy Pong not pictured but is in my avatar) has a tabloach wig, which fits perfectly!
      Hope this helps!
    10. I've also had wigs from Blushed Roses and Sewaddicted that don't need anything to stay on! I actually wrecked my Sewaddicted one...I literally loved it to wig death lol.

      Lua also had a Monique one that fit really well without help and I had a Tinybear wig that my Sugar used to wear...I've had a LOT of Pukis and therefor a lot of wigs lol
    11. Yay I can contribute a little to this :)


      Cato is wearing a wig from For My Doll and it is a little bit gappy next to the ears (but I seem to find this very quickly of wigs) but it fits very nice. It's like not so tight that you have to stangle it on or that it pops of or anything, but it's also fitting enough to stay on when she's held upside down. Definatly a better fit then the Fairyland wigs and beautiful quality. Also they have loads of colors and will make custom colors and wigs for you :)

      This one is also from FMD and while it fits great I didn't like it as much because the hair seems to stand so unnatural. Ofcourse that's totaly personal preference.
    12. Fairyland's default wigs are so hit or miss.

      I have had two mohair wig from Fairyland and they both fit wonderfully.
      The default Choco Cupid's also fit excellent without any extra help.... BUT!

      The default Cupid wig just does not fit! It slides off even with a silicone wig cap!!
      So I was wondering if anyone know one that is similar in shape that will fit? (short and slightly curly)

      Picture of said wig on the right.
    13. Can someone tell me if the Monique size 4 wigs fit Pukipuki, or must is be size 3/4? I have searched, but I don't think Monique sells size 3/4 wigs, so I'm crossing my fingers that size 4 will work! Thanks!
    14. I've been looking for a black braided wig for my Ruby since I got her and I can't find one. Does anyone know where I can get one?
    15. Ok I have a LOT of wigs.

      Parabox 3/4 are my favourite ones. (They are also called Obitsu, there are a lot of obitsu on ebay too). They fit so well, and they have a wonderful orange-red (this one http://www.flickr.com/photos/annetta/3290934592/ ). I have bought something like 10 and they're all wonderful! Be prepared, the long ones are reeeeeally long! http://www.flickr.com/photos/annetta/2834480504/

      Fairyland wigs depend from the model.
      - I've found that cupid wig has a very small cap and hardly stays on (yes, I hate that wig too!). http://www.flickr.com/photos/annetta/3362732800/
      - Bob wigs are ok (a little large on ears, but that's common. Almost all bob wigs are made that why, I don't know why. I think FL has the better bob wigs indeed). Sometimes to make them fit better (but I'm talking about the hair, not the cap) you may have to keep them in form. Like on the head of the doll with that little net on them.
      - Long, straight wigs like this are wonderful. http://www.flickr.com/photos/annetta/5528024576/ This is my favourite wig EVER. And the pink one too.
      - Long, wavy wigs are... let's say normal. The cap fits well but the hair is a bit too "opened". http://www.flickr.com/photos/annetta/5439387808/ (the blond one) and the light blue one http://www.flickr.com/photos/annetta/3675563243/
      - bob wigs with two little curls or braids on both sides are a bad fit. They are even larger than the usual bob wig.
      - I have a realpuki wig, and it's my second favourite. It's from the Soso fullset. http://www.flickr.com/photos/annetta/5267791047/

      Leeke and Lati wigs have the same fit of Fairyland wigs. I think they're made by the same manufacturer, they're almost the same...
      - Lati wig is cute but a bit large http://www.flickr.com/photos/annetta/4544483822/

      - Leeke mohair are awful. http://www.flickr.com/photos/annetta/3963782033/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/annetta/3963780961/

      For boys I suggest tabloach wigs which are perfect, or I also use Volks Who's That Girl boyfriend wigs but they have to be carefully cut near the ears. Nothing difficult.
      WTG boyfriend wigs - http://www.flickr.com/photos/annetta/3840458544/ - http://www.flickr.com/photos/annetta/3487134158/

      I have a Monique wig called "infant wig" or something similar which I usually use on my pongpong, but it's not a real wig. It's some kind of toupee. I just put little bands of bihadesive tape in the places where hair would go... Ok I can't explain it. But it doesn't ruin the wig and I like the effect it does. Here you can see it stays on even if I shake him XD http://www.flickr.com/photos/annetta/5533482166/

      Ok I hope this helps. I think I may have a couple of other brands but right now I don't remember...
      There are 2 photos that may be useful.
      Pongpong + bob wigs by - Annetta -, on Flickr
      Pandi + a lot of wigs by - Annetta -, on Flickr

      I know you asked only good fits, but I think it may beuseful to say if I like a wig or not and why... There are wigs that have caps which fits very well and then the wig it's not so good...
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    16. Annetta, you ROCK! what great information!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

      OK so here is Sparrow (Ante) and Jinkies (Pong) in a couple parabox wigs I just got. both fit very well. I had to cut several inches off the purple wig and I think I had to cut Jinkies' bangs too but I can't remember.
    17. This is incredibly handy, so I'm bumping it up.

      I still haven't gotten a Puki (one day, some day!) but my friend has 3, and 2 use Parabox wigs to great results. The third is a FL wig that's hot glued down. :sweat