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Fairyland RealFee Discussion Part 7

Apr 10, 2018

    1. Hello, this is CP/FairyLand.
      First of all, we would like to notify that all orders placed by April 8th (including Sunday, Korean Standard Time) will be shipped out between April 20th ~ 27th.
      In order to fix site glitches and make some updates, internal re-organisation will take place and sales from FairyLand website and dealership store will halt from Wednesday, April 11th until Sunday, April 29th.
      An announcement will be made after our website renewal and more detail will follow in the notice.
      Thank you for your kind understanding.
      Kind Regards,

      ------ Added Notes ------

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      Realpuki heads on RealFee bodies:

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    2. I'm going to hold out hope it's to add the new event colours - pink, violet, and mint. I might be over eager but maybe, maybe.. :D
    3. Have those event colours been confirmed or is it just speculation? Although I have to admit, I’m not a fan of fantasy colours, so my pennies will be safe.
    4. I’m wondering if maybe they have a really big event planned, or one they think a lot of people will buy, so they’re clearing the queue to start fresh?
    5. Total speculation :)

      Fairyland have received a petition to release more lines in the event colours they have used before - inc Minifee, and Parts (inc. Realfee parts); they asked for a minimum petition number for the former, which was reached, and have since said the suggestions are now with their teams for consideration.

      We've already seen Realfee released in Pink, Violet, and Mint for the events, but I would love to see Realfee Parts released in these colours, and am hoping we might see some of these things appearing in this event, but it may indeed not happen yet.
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    6. Hey guys it's a new thread. We need nice pictures to start it off.

      Here's Juni.

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    7. Young Xena is showing them how to toss a chakram. "It's all in the wrist", she told them!

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    8. #8 wilkies, Apr 11, 2018
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    9. Oh wow, so you got a mint Mari. I always wondered how strong the special event-colours were. :)
    10. I have a new doll for the new thread!

      I was lucky enough to buy an adorable event face plate from Angel Toast. She sadly has to share a body and wig with Jun for now, so I added a mermaid skirt for the photos...

      by Tide N Thyme, on Flickr
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    11. New thread!

      Minuet and her friend Merv the griffin.

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    12. She's so cute <3
      And what an awesome outfit. Did you make the socks too?
    13. Yes, the socks are sewn from an old worn-out T-shirt. She still needs shoes.
    14. [​IMG]

      All my Realfees are Pukifee hybrids and they just got a new bodyless friend!
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    15. Hello, I’m really new to the Realfee size. They are SO adorable. I’ve fallen hard for them. I bought a pano, and ended up getting the Sira FP with another doll order. I love her little face. Just a couple weeks ago I had the luck of being able to buy the full set Toki, and ended up ordering two bodies for two face plates I had. So now I have four of these little guys. I love them all! Thing is they don’t have clothes or shoes. I read they can wear the Blythe doll clothes. I don’t know what size Blythe doll clothes to buy. I also don’t know anything about Blythe dolls. I was hoping someone could help me ? Here is a link to a picture of my little crew. I really want to add a Coco to my little gang but I read Fairyland isn’t taking new orders until the end of April. Total bummer for me, oh well, I will have to gain patience I guess.
      Fairyland Realfee
      #17 Brenay, Apr 13, 2018
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    16. Cute bunch, Brenay! There's a 'What fits' thread at the top of this new thread.
    17. @Brenay - what a cute crew! My girl Realfees are all wearing Blythe dresses in this picture. You want something loose fitting in the chest and not too long (or at least i prefer shorter dresses on my girls).

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    18. New thread! :D

      I used to have a pukipuki Rose named Karin, but I sold her and now this girl gets to recycle the name. I think it suits her though! ^w^
      Trying different looks
      by Akara, on Flickr
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