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Fairyland Unreleased Victoria Frances Project doll ~60cm

Aug 3, 2011

    1. This thread will currently be dedicated to discussion about the possible upcoming release of the new Victoria Frances project doll and possible new Fairyland line. CP has posted images for this doll and she was displayed at Comic-con in July 2011, but information has not yet been released about the specific size or plans for release for this doll. Those who attended Comic-Con reported that she is about 60cm.

      Link to Fairyland Image blog where photos can be found:

      I'm sure when something more official is released, this can be edited or a new thread can be started! :)
    2. in2themystik2 - Thank you for making the thread for us all :). Now, I hope FL & Cp hurries with news. I was so hoping that I will know something before Sunday, but everything seems that I won't. Sunday I am off for like 2 weeks, no internet where I go.:sweat
    3. Moving my comments to the new thread....need news badly. It's going to be such a long wait and I'm not sure if I can afford her.
    4. *Waiting* ... *waiting* ...
      I told my parents about her today :P My dad said that she could be called Fionna :) I like that name ^___^ I was planning on calling her Sophiee... But we will see :P
      Come on! x'D Info! Now! *sob* XD
    5. Eeee~ So close to having enough money to be well prepared for her release. I can't wait for more!
    6. I just realized that despite announced plans, FairyLand still hasn't offered ChicLine A La Carte. So they may not offer the Victoria doll in basic, either. If not, I'm thinking she'll be about $750 for the fullset. So should I put another doll up on the MP? I really don't want to, but I really want to order the Victoria doll as soon as she goes on sale. What to do?
    7. Thanks, Ban. My brain is fried. Too much nutrition training crammed into the last few days! EDIT: Oh! You ordered him! Yay! I'm excited for you!
    8. luvs you chickey - just glad you were fried 'cause maybe ... just maybe the chances are higher now ;)
    9. Oh man, I want her.
    10. No problem! Took a stab at it! :) And unfortunately, it sounds like there won't be any information until sometime after Aug. 7th since they are now out on holiday through then.

      I too am excited to hear about this girl, and I'm just going ahead and assuming that she will be around the same price as the Feeple 65 full set ($820), and would be around $850 with shipping. I hope she will be a little less of course, but hoping not more than that. I guess if she is less, that will be a nice surprise! I'll plan accordingly when i hear more information, but I feel that they are going to release her as some sort of full set, be it limited or whatever, and then probably basic too, but I guess that's just my speculation based on tweets and previous patterns from FL! :D

      Like some others have said, I can't imagine they will just suddenly make an anticlimactic announcement that she is just a OOAK and won't be available for sale. If that were the case, I think they would have just said that when CP posted her on the image blog or at least announced by now that she would not be for sale rather than let the anticipation and fandom build. They know people are interested and waiting and I know they see at least some of what is posted on this forum and of course twitter. That's just my two cents though! :)

      Ban Sidhe: Oy! I wish I could have my significant other help with paying for dolls, but i can't bring myself to be totally honest about how much these dolls cost and all of their accessories that go along with them (and we're both social workers/counselors/mental health professionals, and not known for making much money!). He knows that my dolls are expensive and cost a lot, but his idea of a lot, and my idea of a lot/reality, are a little different... :doh
    11. Since she is probably shorter than Feeple, she has to be cheaper. So I am thinking that she will be closer to $700 and something for a full package plus shipping. Not saying that makes her anymore affordable, but still.
    12. Good theory actually! I suppose it doesn't hurt to have a bit of a buffer, better to be safe than sorry.
    13. I am hoping she comes out soon and I can split for her body. I hope just the body wouldn't be much more than $450 in a split.
    14. I'm with you - I only want the body too and $450 would be right up my alley ... ;)
    15. That's a little high for my usual dolly budget. But for an SD girl that's like a MiniFee... TOTALLY worth it!! I've always loved the A-line MiniFee body, but I've never been able to go back to MSD once I brought my first SD home. ;)
    16. I seriously would LOVE to have this doll. She's so perfect and I think she will be my first SD and my last doll. But I really need her to come out in basic 'cause there's no way I could afford anything over 500$ even on layaway. Not that that would change anything but if you guys are right then... boo :(
    17. Please remember that speculatively discussing splits and sales is against the rules and will result in a 30 day Marketplace suspension. Some posts are already borderline.

      This is an exciting time, but please remember the forum rules to avoid risking your Marketplace access and avoid missing out on joining a split when/if this doll is released in the near future.

      Thank you for understanding!
    18. well if as you all speculate about her fullset price to be arround 700$, I definitely won't afford it...my only chance is her in basic...(not that I have funds anyway, but basic would be the best option to save up and get her without any fear)