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Fairyland will release Sebastian (Black Butler) in Japan

Apr 15, 2011

    1. Looks like there is no post about this - feel free to delete or move if I did it wrong :)

      Looks like the Black Butler people and Fairyland teamed up to make a Sebastian doll!
      Due to the licensing though, he will ONLY be sold in Japan.


      Pictures and such available here: (taken from the Fairyland twitter)
      Link1 (Fairyland japan site)
    2. I haven't seen this information and I can't read japanese so can anyone tell me which size he is, I assume SD size or 70cm so probably feeple? I can't tell if the headmold is new or if the body is?

      I hope with the price that it is a fullset all included for those interested in it.
    3. I believe he is 60 cm if I read it correctly...

      "Magnificent butler" is to allow your -. [Sebastian] Kuroshitsuji eagerly-awaited appearance at 60cm Doll
      April 15, 2011 (Friday)
      Brilliant comic butler popular black welcome Kuroshitsuji] [from the "Sebastian Michaelis," but, POLYGONIA Kyarakutadoruburando new "Seriearu (serie art) " will be released and become the character dolls!

      POLYGONIA be released as the first in Kyarakutadoru, dolls made ​​of fine resin cast] [Black Butler Sebastian. He is fully supervised by the author and the pivot, doll, of course, has become a scale finish and attention to detail clothing and accessories.
      This item is from May 18 4 POLYGONIA (http://www.polygonia.com/) are scheduled to sell orders from special page. The exhibition is also going to be in order as well as events such as Dole. Let people anxious to check the website immediately.

      Accessories, including shoe box made ​​of silver jewelry watch butler coat of arms,
      A wide range of products has become a scene in the show can be replicated.

      Kuroshitsuji Sebastian Michaelis, Series No.1
      Prices ● / 92,000 yen (tax included)
      Date ● (estimated shipping time) / out one by one after 60 days of your order
      Tamotsu Takashi ● / 700mm
      Specifications ● / Dole made ​​quality resin cast (full production order)
      Contents ● / body tension homemade formula (body only custom Sebastian), face memory
      Handshake hand by skilled craftsmen. Sebastian Grove only two wigs Doll luxury tuxedo apron (for everyday cooking), coat of arms butler shoe box made ​​of silver jewelry watch
      Doll Production ● / Fairyland
      Publisher ● / POLYGONIA

      ● POLYGONIA / http: / / www.polygonia.com/
      Fairyland Doll Shop ● / http://www.dollfairyland.co.jp
    4. Kyarakutadoru = "Character Doll"
    5. Kyarakutadoruburando = character doll brand ;)