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Fairylands Pukipuki + Latidolls White?

Sep 24, 2010

    1. Hi, I'm seriosly thinking of geting a pukipuki from Fairyland. And I wonder how good does a pukipuki work together with Lati-products? Wigs, clothes, eyes, etc. Have any experiences? :)

      this place is so huge and I just couldn't find a thread about my question -pleas link it if you after all would find it ^^'
    2. As far as I know, it's Lati White SP that is roughly the same size as PukiPuki - so many things from Puki would probably be too big on regular Lati Whites. Hopefully someone else has first-hand info for you though! :)
    3. hmmm, check out the subtitle below my avatar ;) they go great together

      tiny bjd 025 by costleyhobby, on Flickr

      pals 102 by costleyhobby, on Flickr

      puki is just slightly shorter than Lati white special, and taller than Lati white renewal. but all their stuff is interchangeable (wigs, eyes,)...but the shoes clothes would be too big for the renewal size, perfect for the special size
    4. Marryth: thank you! :)
    5. costleyhobby: thank you, AND for the pictures ;) it really helped. Do you know any other products a pukipuki can use? :)
    6. Kelly clothes are a fantastic option for saving a little money.
      There are some cute, cute clothes on those little ones.
      Sometimes you can find them dressed at thrift and second hand stores.
      My sugar, Lilbet, doesn't mind hand me downs at all!
    7. yeah that's true! haha Never thought about it! ;)
    8. This is a great thread :)! So the difference between a Lati white special + lati white regular = size?! I thought there was only Lati Whites!