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Update Fairyland's Shipping Policy Change & Free Calendar Shipping

Dec 19, 2009

    1. Original notice posted here.

      Dear customers,

      Hello this is FairyLand. This announcement is to let you know that we are anticipating some changes in our EMS shipping policy.

      Due to the contract renewal between FairyLand and the post office, which resulted in the increase of the EMS fees by large amount, shipping fee increase at FairyLand became unavoidable. We have been trying to avoid any price increase due to any internal factors such as this but the new contract made it very difficult to keep our shipping fee policy as it is, and we ask for your understanding. We will try our best to minimize the impact on customers when the shipping policy is revised.

      The change will not be applied immediately and is due to be finalized after careful consideration in January.
      New announcement will be made closer to the date. Until then, you may place orders with the current shipping policy.

      Lastly, free FairyLand calendar shipping will start at Fairyland from December 24 for orders that are $300 or greater.
      This applies to orders that are either being shipped out or being placed from December 24, with the total price of $300 or greater (not including shipping fee) and only one calendar per order will be included regardless of the total size of the order.
      Our original intention was to include the calendar with any order regardless of the price but the price restriction had to be placed because the calendars produced turned out to be heavier than we have expected. Thank you for understanding.

      Calendars are available in limited numbers only and the shipping of calendars will end automatically when the prepared stocks are depleted. Calendars have been made so they do not mark any particular holiday with exception of Sundays.

      We hope that 2009 has been a year of good memories and wish you a very happy Holiday Season. ​