New Doll FairyLine Altis [Fairyland]

Jul 3, 2018

    1. Introducing a new release doll from fairyland " ALTIS ",
      hurry up don't miss this chance. Limited item Only!

      CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE --> Fairyland " ALTIS "

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    2. Oh wow, he is amazing, but I want to ask if this item has an option about its wig? I want to try another color of wigs for him.
    3. @junjklbert you can’t swap a full set wig for another, Fairyland fullsets are set in stone. But you can certainly sell his to get another, or add another FL wig to the same order so you’ve got a replacement right away
    4. @Cuteasadoll Thank you for that, maybe that's the only thing I need to do. :3nodding:
    5. Sorry jun for the late reply, by the way it don't have a wig option.
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    6. It's okay, Thank you so much :)